When to cut back Confederate Rose in Zone 7b?

lsst(7b)October 23, 2013

This is my first year growing Confederate Roses (Hibiscus mutabilis). They are blooming beautifully.
I am in Upstate SC Zone 7b.

We are expecting frost Thursday morning and a potential freeze this weekend. After that, it will warm back up for a while.

Do I go ahead and cut it back now? OR

Should I go ahead and take cuttings but leave the majority of the branches, mulch heavily with pine straw, and prune dead limbs when new growth appears in early spring?

I do not want to lose them to cold weather.
Thanks in advance!

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Just leave them alone.
In the spring, just cut off the dead parts.
It'll be back with a vengeance, it gets bigger every year.
You should see my neighbors, I think its a confederate rose tree! LOL.
I love hibiscus.

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This plant is very easy to root. I cut about 12 inch piece
off and put in a bucket of water. It will root. I use to put several in a bucket and give them away. I had to cut my last one down as it had got to be too large and was in the way. Now I have to go and ask for a cutting.

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Most of the info I see is for winter care in zones warmer than mine.

In my zone, I was worried it would not return . I was not sure if I needed to root stems to replace the one I have.

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