Trellis Netting from Burpee (warning)

mcphreakMarch 17, 2009

For all you vertical gardeners, think twice about ordering the trellis netting from Burpee. Although it shows that the item is in stock, it's actually backordered with no estimated restock date. I ordered this item on 2/28 (was still "in stock" at that time) and waited until today to give them a call about the item. Told me it's out of stock and don't know when it's going to be back in stock. Asked them why they never sent me a notice about the backorder, and more importantly, why their site STILL shows it as being in stock and they had no clue. Promptly canceled my order and will be ordering from instead.

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I found some at the Home Depot. They have a Burpees seed display and carry the trellis netting as well. There were only 2 there, though.

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I've looked at my Home Depot and they carried trellis netting but not in the size I was looking for.

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I had the same problem from Park Seed..I just received mine that I ordered back in January! The website never said that it was backordered; just that it would be shipped separately. I still haven't received the plant labels I ordered from them... These websites need to let us know these things!

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fanfortony(7 Frederick, MD)

I had the same experience trying to order the trellis from Burpee. I got the rest of my order but no explanation as to why the trellis wasn't included. I was P**** to say the least. It was actually the only item I was looking forward to getting. I also went to my Home Depot...they didn't have a CLUE what I was talking about! They directed me to bird netting, and that horrid black mulch cloth. Idiots. I checked southern states too. They only had trellis with 1 inch squares. I'm looking for the 6 inch stuff. Anyone know where else to find it?

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fanfortony-- see my post above yours. We must have submitted around the same time. You could call and place an order with Park Seed to see if they have it in stock now. Their customer service is actually really good. I ordered the 7" trellis (you get 5' by 30'- I don't remember the price, but I think it was between $10-15). Good luck!

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fanfortony(7 Frederick, MD)

Thanks charlsie. I'll try them. At this point though, I was hoping i could find it at a retailer/garden center. by the time I get it by mail, my peas could be in the neighbors yard! LOL

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As I mentioned in my original post, you can find netting on Amazon. Just search "trellis netting". You can find the same 7" netting there that you find on burpee. Although you won't be getting it as fast as if you pick it up in store, I find that even third party stores on amazon ship MUCH faster than these seed companies; usually I get my stuff within a week. I'm still waiting on this burpee order for the items that actually were in stock and shipped. It's been 18 days and counting now.

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I quit using(and replacing) plastic/petroleum based netting. I even tried twine netting(like fishnetting only bigger) and it rotted. The best I have found is concrete reinforcing wire. We call it six-six-ten. 6" x 6" squares, 10 gauge wire. Provides great strength/rigidity for trellises, lasts for years, available(reasonable) at Lowes/Home Depot or free scraps at construction sites. 42" long piece will coil into a 1' tomato tower.

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When I built my SFG 2 years ago we used a 4'x 8' 'cow panel' as a trellis. It's treated metal with 6" squares. The 1st year we bent it over one end of the garden like an arch, but it wasn't very conducive to comfortable gardening. So, last year we just attached it inside the garden on one side, lengthwise. That worked great. They also sell them longer than 8'. We live in a rural area and they sell them at the IGA and CaL Ranch for about $8 -$, there's another option for a trellis to consider. They do sell them longer than 8'for longer gardens.If you wanted a frame for row covers, the arched idea worked great for that.You could reach easily under the longer ones because they'd make a higher fact a friend of mine used the long ones to make a sort of greenhouse.

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djpiazza(z6 NJ)

FYI. I placed an order with Burpee over the phone on Monday 3\16 that included some trellis netting. After reading the posts here I decided to go to a local Home depot and pick up a couple bags of the netting just in case. When I got home my Burpee order was waiting at the door. I was surprised to find the netting WAS in the box. I guess they are shipping it now so I hope everyone gets theirs.

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Haa I got mine from Burpee and they came fast to!

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I found some trellis netting at Walmart the other day for $3. I guess it was from last year, and the packaging was kind of tattered, so it was on clearance!

Now I just need an easy frame for it, and I'm not a carpenter. Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of my SFG on my blog!

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Warning: I bought 8 packs of the Burpee brand nylon trellis last year, 2010. By the time my tomatoes and peas were big enough to start climbing, they had rotted. I could look at it, and they would fall apart. Literally, that's how easy they fell apart. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe i got a bad batch.

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jwstell42(5 NY)

Last year's netting was terrible. I complained, and they sent me replacements, but I'm hesitant to use them, as they cause so much aggravation.

They were actually fine for me for peas and beans, but anything heavier (Squash, Cucumbers, Gourds) which I had previously been able to grow just fine on the netting, fell down and was destroyed by mid season.

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I get my trellis netting at
I have had great luck with them. I usually get my stuff with in 3 or 4 days. Good luck everyone!
Also, there are a couple of great videos on how to put your trellis up on that page. so even if you already have your trellis go a head and check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Nettings trellis netting

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Ray_Scheel(z8b/SS31 E. TX)

If you know some friends who all replace netting often, try going in together on a roll of concrete reinforcing mesh, or see if a home supply store will sell it to you by the foot.

1. It will last just about forever. (One piece I have outlasted the first set of wood poles I had it attached to and is still going strong.)
2. Nothing short of a tree landing on it will warp it once secured on the ends.
3. The 6" squares in the mesh make it very convenient to mark off planting areas and allow easy reach-through for weaving and harvesting.
4. It generally does not need a top support when run across a 4' bed. If trellising melons, I do weave through a stick or length of re-bar to stiffen it some
5. Can easily be tied to simple T-posts on either end, or stapled to wood posts.
6. Natural red-brown color (rust) blends readily into a garden setting
7. The 5' width is a good height lengthwise across a bed, or leaves 6" on either edge if building a taller trellis over a 4' wide bed.

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memphis net and twine has strong netting at decent prices, got some a while back on advice from my favorite youtube gardener webcajun, he's friggin' awesome.

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After my Burpee netting shredded after a couple months supporting beans, I went to youtube and learned how to tie/weave a net - a couple hours of time and I had made a new trellis net that lasted 3 years (jute twine is much easier to work with than sisal, though both are not easy on the hands). This year I'm upgrading to Tractor Supply's cattle panels cut to size and safety wired to the conduit frames.

The concrete mesh is a good option too - I made some collapsible tomato/pepper cages out of that and they've been going strong for several years now.

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