ID Wildflower or Weed?

lazy_gardensApril 12, 2012

Is this a wildflower, or will it try to take over my garden? It's growing in the untended strip between a wall and sidewalk, in full sun.

If it's reasonably civilized, it could make a nice low plant for a xeriscaped area.

Location: Socorro

Size: Blooming: now

Whole plant - basal leaves and flower spike

Flower closeup: 5 petals, red stamens, red splash on top petal.

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Answered. It's "Hog Potato" (Hoffmannseggia glauca)

A bit weedy, but a native and it's better than bare dirt there.

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That plant was all over my yard and produces horrid spikey balls. Tiny, but nasty little stickers that wreaked havoc on the dogs' feet. I pulled all mine up once I realized they were the source of the stickers. I live in old town a couple of blocks from the plaza.

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