las vegas bougainvillea's

vegastodApril 15, 2008

i was recently in indio, ca visiting relatives and became obsessed w/ all the bougainvillea's they have down there. i live on the west side of las vegas and would like to have some in my yard. i bought two 5gal container plants that are growing up a stick. is it better to plant them...leave in the containers...or try to transplant them to larger containers? i hear they like getting a little on the dry side before watering. mine seem to already be wilting and w/ blotches on my leaves and bracts. is it a sun issue or water? help!

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in the ground they like to dry out a bit between watering but in containers they need more frequent watering(i.e., every other day right now, daily in summer heat) because of the fast draining medium in which they are grown. if you plant them in a south or west location and protect them in winter, you can get them to survive in Vegas. I have wintered them over in ground in Las cruces, NM where we get more frequent and colder nights than you do.

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I have Torch Glow bouganvillas. I transplanted them in my front yard here in Phoenix and about 5 years ago and they are growing beautifully. They use little water. I hardly ever water them. I thought I lost them last year when we had the bad frost. We chopped them way down and then they started sprouting back up immediatley after. Unlike my poor ficus trees :( My front yard faces South, I get alot of sun and I give so little water. Everyone compliments how beautiful they are.

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I'm considering growing a few bougainvillea in my Vegas yard. I have seen them growing sporadically in various parts of the valley. They usually make it through most mild winters but may need protection in the coldest ones. They are pretty inexpensive to replace. Small ones are $5.00 at Home Depot and $10.00 for the larger promos:)

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I am from LA where bougainvilleas grow in profusion across many rooftops there. I now live in the high desert of Northern Nevada, and miss the beautiful carpets of bougainvillea that can't survive here due to cold winters. My only advice to you is to perhaps wait until the weather cools off a bit before transplanting your bougainvillea. We have lost a number of shrubs due to transplanting in too hot of temperatures. I would wait until fall to plant them. Pretty soon, you'll have a carpet of color, too!

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I have about 18 bougainvillea plants in the High Desert in CA. We have several freezes each winter. I had my plants protected and they survived but they dropped all of their leaves. I have pruned them to about 1/2 of what they were. Now new leaves are coming out but only at the root stock. Can someone help? I'd love for these branches to bear color again. Thanks so much!

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

It sounds like the plants are coming back from the root. Prune off all the crunchy dead stuff and wait for them to grow. They'll get there.

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I never water mine here in Phoenix. It died out from the freeze and I pulled it out of the ground. Must have been a tiny bit left because it came back stronger than ever. I was trying to get rid of it, since it's in a bad spot. I may have to break down and use herbicide, although I really don't want to. It needs full sun to "flower". The "flowers" are actually colored leaves. It's a messy, thorny plant. Rampant but hardy, drought tolerant and beautiful if you live in the right climate.

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When you talk about "protecting" them in winter, what do you do? I have a southern exposure with nice high walls, any advice?

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