Woody Cape Honeysuckle

RollerboyApril 8, 2013

I have just bought a house with a very nice privacy hedge of ficus, with Cape Honeysuckle planted about every six feet....... all on a drip system. The ficus is thick and lush, and offers total privacy, whereas the Cape Honeysuckle has become "woody" providing prying eyes with the opportunity to see into my yard. I know that pruning the tops will promote bushier growth, but are some of those woody stems even capable of producing shoots of new green? I wonder if I should just plant another Cape Honeysuckle at the base of each to grow up and fill in, or should I remove the Cape's altogether and put ficus in their place? I'm trying to find the most cost-effective alternative. Any advice is appreciated. Thx!

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It will usually sprout from the woody stems. Cut about 1/3 of the stems down to short stubs (6-12 inches) on a couple of bushes and see what happens.

If they sprout, do the rest of them.

If it works, every year or two, cut some of the woody old stems down to stubs to keep them lush at the base.

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