Sunday: immediate help needed, please!!!

lecorbeau(7b)October 10, 2004

Please help! First I was stung by underground bees. Then it got too hot and the ozone got me (couldn't breathe). Then I tried a weed-wacker which broke (the motor) after five minutes. Now I'm resorting to round-up. I've emptied one tank and gone back with the second, but something has clogged it, and I've already pumped up the pressure, so I can't open it to see what the problem is.

I'm beginning to think this patch of ivy/periwinkle wasn't meant to be removed. But the ivy is trying to eat my house and the periwinkle is trying to eat the garden.

Any ideas about the sprayer or the vines?

Thanks in advance!


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Never mind. Problem solved. Someone talked me into turning the handle in spite of the hissing it made. I was able to finish the job.
Beautiful day, wasn't it!

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Poor carolinakate!
Sounds like you have had a gardeners nightmare today~

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I should have mentioned this didn't happen all in one day! Just the spraying part.
Oh, well.

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