choice of vines.

Bluebird2(AZ)April 21, 2004

We removed the Bougainvilleas from our latticework because they were too messy and we were getting too many complaints from our neighbors. We are looking at vines to replace them. The two vines that we are considering are potato vine and pink bower vines. Does anyone have experience with these vines and know of others that might work well in Mesa AZ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much Mont

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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

hi blue bird,
i planted some bower vines last spring along the block wall of our house that faces west and the summer heat got to them, even though they were getting afternoon shade from the house. i replaced them with snail vines in the fall. they took a hard hit with the frost this last winter, but once it warmed up, they took off! now they are twice as big as they were when i planted them. i also have a potato vine, but it is in a container on the patio. it is doing ok, but i think it would be happier in the ground somewhere.

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In the metro Phoenix area, you'll need to plant Pink Bower Vine in partial shade so on your lattice may not be the ideal exposure. If you like the look of this vine, you will love Pink Trumpet Vine (Podranea ricasoliana) which has similar pink tubular flowers and bright green leaves. Pink Trumpet Vine grows at a moderate rate to 20 x 10 and its flowers are lightly scented and appear from spring through fall. Hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers. I've grown one on a western exposure right against a wall and another grew over a lattice patio cover on the west. Very drought tolerant. It can easily be confused with Pandorea (Bower vine), so look for the botanical name.

You might also consider Lilac Vine (Hardenbergia violacea) which is evergreen and produces clusters of tiny purple flowers in late winter to early spring, or Lady Banks Rose - a thornless evergreen vine with clusters of either white or yellow flowers in the spring. It requires little maintenance and will grow to 20' x 15'. This is the same rose as the famous Tombstone Rose.

All these vines, including the Potato Vine, are listed in the new FREE booklet - Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert. You can contact the City of Mesa water conservation office to request a copy 480-644-3306.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Trumpet Vine - Podranea ricasoliana

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lantana_babe(z9 AZ)

I know that a lot of people dislike it but cat's claw is a good vine that stands up well the summer heat. It grows quickly once established. It relishes the summer heat and full sun. I grow it on my block wall to reduce the heat it produces. In the fall, just to keep it under control, I prune it back to a couple of inches from the ground. It grows back quickly once the heat starts. It also has a lovely yellow flower.

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