Epsom salt on plants

angel123(San Antonio, Tx)April 26, 2004

I heard that Epsom salts are good for plants and vegatables. How much do yall use on plants and veggies? On my veggies and plants do i sprinkle epsom salts around the roots, Do i put on as a foiler spray on the leaves or just the roots. Please explain!!

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Epson salt is Magnesium sulphate and can be used to add the micronutrient Magnesium to the soil if you feel you your deficient in this mineral.

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randit(z8 southern NM)

the only plants that I have used Epsom salts on are tomatoes, peppers, Sago "Palms", and all true palms. I have used about 1 TB to 2 TB, per pepper & tomato plant, depending on the size of the plant. I just sprinkle the stuff around the root zone of each plant and water in. Our big sabal palms ("Cabbage palms") get an annual application of several pounds of Magnesium sulfate every spring/early summer.

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You will see it suggested for Roses too .

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