Which one has better color for mild climate!

CantonMay 18, 2004

Recently, I went to the UNLV arboretum and saw both Chinese Tallow Tree and Chinese Pistache. I knew both have beautiful colour in fall. I wonder which one shows a better colour in areas experiencing mild winter like Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank in advance for those who reply to this enquiry.

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They are about equal in color potential. Color aside, they have big differences in growth habits that have to be considered.

The Pistache is a much larger tree ... twice as big at maturity. Can be unattractive when young, but improves with age. Dense shade.

The tallow tree is prone to suckering and has to be pruned to shape a tree. Light to medium shade.

If you can, select the plants in fall ... color can vary from spectacular to ordinary within a group of trees. The color is stable from year to year, so a spectacular young tree is more likely to priduce a good show.

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