Birds of paradise new leaves pale yellow

logoSeptember 14, 2014

New leaves very pale ( yet robust)
What am I doing wrong?

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Got any pictures?

Have you checked to see if you're overwatering? I had a jasmine that started to get all chlorosis-y. I finally pulled it out of the pot and discovered that the person I had bought it from had potted it very very oddly. There was a potting soil mix on top, but under that was basically a high-clay mud. She must have dug that out of the ground somewhere. It's a wonder it did as well as it did for as long as it did.

So when I moved it from the Midwest, where I only needed to water it a couple of times a week at most, to the blazing desert, where it needed much more frequent watering, the top would dry out while the bottom just turned into sludgy mud.

So I washed all that sludge off as many of the roots as possible and put it back in pure potting media (soiless). The chlorosis disappeared entirely in a matter of days, and I'm back to only needing to water it a couple times a week.

In my case, it was pretty much ALL the leaves that were affected. If it really is only new leaves in your case, you might have a mineral deficiency. Try some epsom salt solution first. That will address any issues with either Sulfur or Magnesium deficiencies.

If that doesn't help things in a week or so, you could try an application of an iron supplement.

But do check the planting medium. You should be able to pull it out of the pot and look at it without a lot of trouble. It should be on the dryish side before you do that, eg not right after you've watered it.

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