What size mesh for hardware cloth?

summer_fashion(z5 IN)March 9, 2011

I called Lowe's and they have hardware cloth but I don't know what size mesh to buy. The garden salesperson said that they had hardware cloth in a 24"w x 10' long size and they also have 2'x 25' Could anyone tell me which one to buy? Does it matter how big the wire mesh size is? If its 2' wide, could I overlap this mesh and staple the edges to the side boards? Thank you. Margaret

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I'm sure it depends on what you want to use it for...

To protect from burrowing animals, like gophers, I was told by the master gardener at my community garden to use 1/2 inch hardware cloth, and to be sure it's galvanized, or it'll rust in not time.

Be sure to shop around. I found prices in my local hardware shops were pretty expensive. I found what I needed from amazon.com for $110 cheaper than in the store...

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I use 1/2" to keep rodents out. I have used 1/4" but it's harder to cut and more work for me, so I keep going back to the 1/2"

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summer_fashion(z5 IN)

Has anyone built a cover/top for your raised bed? I mean the one's that are made of wood (1x1 wood?) that you staple chicken wire to and maybe have a hinged back so that it could be lifted up to work in the raised bed? If anyone has made this could you please put the instructions on how to build a hinged top in the square foot garden thread? THank you. Margaret

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