Blooms from the last three days- pic heavy!

tnangelaOctober 6, 2009

Little Emma. Has turned out to be a fine color.

Green-tone Poulsen Patiohit thing.

Tangerine-tone Poulsen Patiohit

Betty Boop

Graham Thomas x KO seedling

little Carefree Delight seedling

rained on Rosemary Harkness

and after she's faded

unknown name rooted florist rose (again)

Belinda's Dream


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Great roses tnangela! Thanks for sharing!


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Nice pics and thanks for the display of the unknown name rooted florist rose I was under an impression that such roses are breed just for the local flower shops , grocery store displays ect.. during this prodution I read that they have had there fragerance is totaly removed, or greatly reduced resulting in a great reduction on disease.

I had an idea that they could be propergated by cutting nice color. My question is does its fragerance return to any degree at all ???

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Very nice photos of some lovely looking roses Angela, I especially like the Green-tone Poulsen Patiohit, where did you get it?

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I bought these patiohit roses at Ingles... for .99c, I'm such a sucker for a bargain. I wait for them to drop their buds and start to look ragged and then the florist at Ingles clearances them out to .99c! There's five own root roses in each pot so I just can't resist. Put them in some nutritious dirt, larger pot and some sun and they take off. I have another that is 'deep pink'... almost muave, sort of reminds me of Twilight Skies but with more yellow tones.

I did similar with the Valentines Day (real florist) roses. I waited until after VD day and bought several dozen of different colors for $6 and rooted them... they didn't come with names much less a patent. I have the large standard red (baccara?), a white (I seem to remember this one was fragrant), a very nice tangerine similar in color to that poulsen tangerine rose, and this yellow. Some of them I have a couple of... I need to tag them while they are blooming. Obviously grown outside and under my unskillful hand (not a exhibition rose pruner) they do not produce florist buds. I'll have to check again for sure but I think this yellow has a slight fragrance.

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Some really nice roses Angela I especially like your ROSEMARY HARKNESS. Thanks for sharing them with us and keep them coming.

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Can't resist...
(just a couple more)


Anne Harkness


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Wow, I like the color of the monkshood, nice pics of the seedlings.

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