Jacaranda alba (white christmas)

tropicana_gardenerOctober 31, 2009

hello would appreciate if someone could give me any information in finding Jacaranda alba (white christmas) seeds. I am finding it quite difficult to get to them.Any information regarding where to find them appreciated.Thanks

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Is Jacaranda tropical? Can it grow outside where you live?

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I have seen this plant for sale at plant shows by specialty vendors and it was always grafted. I have not seen seeds for sale anywhere. I don't have any other info on it though.

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I have had a non grafted white Jacaranda tree in my front yard for 6 years,it flowers every year. I looked up today and saw 2 seed pods all green hanging in the same spot.I had to read when to take them off the tree and they have to be woody and brown.I don't want them to fall off the tree as they might open and I will loose them. I have only seen grafted White Jacarandas as I bought 3 for my older kids who have their own homes now.So,I now know I have the Mummy tree and don't have to buy them any more.I am very happy.

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