Ideas for desert flower beds

Kelii00(9b)May 28, 2013

Hello everyone. I live in the desert and was looking for ideas for creating a colorful yet heat-resistant flower bed. I totally failed with my flowers from spring. They were not compatible with each other as far as watering goes. And they died as soon as the first 100 degree day hit. I had a beautiful camellia, love song rose, hibiscus, allyssum, and carnations all together in one bed. Stupid beginner mistake lol.

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Kelli - Get the "Sunset Western Garden" book. They list which zones you can grow what in, and it's very accurate.

Camellias will NOT survive here, not will azaleas, rhododendrons or most gardenias. Carnations: nope. Alyssum will survive and even self-seed.

But spend a few weeks researching plants before you try again.

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Lazygardens thanks I am going tto look for that book! :)

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