Understory Crop?

Edymnion(7a)March 12, 2013

Hello all,

Since I've dedicated my main garden plot this year to a rare breed of corn (I got my hands on glass gem corn, finally) that are going to be taking up most of my main garden plot this year, I've built a fairly sizable garden box/planter/raised bed to plant my non-corn crops in.

Its big enough for two rows of peppers/tomatoes/potatoes/etc, which I'll be planting in it. Question is, what could I grow UNDER those to help maximize my square footage? I'm wanting to grow some purple spinach, and I read that spinach can do well in partial shade, so I'm thinking thats in. How well would carrots do planted underneath a tomato? Or celery? Could I do celery in the middle of everything?

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Why don't you plant companion plants with your corn? Plant pole beans to climb your corn and squash to shade the ground. You can find guidance obn the internet.

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