Netting to Keep out Squirrels

nico_ky(6a)March 8, 2009

The squirrels are driving me nuts. I set up my beds last summer and the squirrels dug them up near every day. I purchased a pellet gun and have been leveling things out a bit. I also will be purchasing a trap in the next week.

I purchased some hardware netting but I need input on how it should be placed.

Option 1: Place the netting over top of my beds on the wood. THis lets the plants get light and grow a bit. This also keeps the squirrels completely out. I will have to remove it once the plants grow larger.

Options 2: Place the netting about 1 inch below the surface in the dirt. This will not keep the squirrels out completely, but will limit the damage. This will also, become a seasonal fixture in the ground.

Let me have your thoughts on this please.

Squirrels Suck!!

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Follow Up:

The link below is a picture of my bed if this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of Bed

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Hmmm. Looks like my bed. Rotten squirrels. I even plant a sacrifial tomato plant for the little rodents. I am wondering myself what to do this year and thought I'd bump you back up. I've been thinking of doing a "hoop-house" with netting until the trellis has to be used. I had not considered burying wire - wouldn't that make transplant's problematic? But I suppose wire right over the beds would too. FWIW, I found that wads of dog hair actually do help - I get some from the groomers - but it does look like hampsters have invaded my garden.

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