Avocado growing too tall...

jklwood(central TX)May 14, 2004

I grew an avocado from a pit without knowing what I was doing - I didn't pinch it off so it would bush out. Now it is 5 feet tall and maybe 1/2" in diameter at the thickest party of the trunk. It is too tall to stand up straight.

Is it still possible that it can be cut back and made to bush out?



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Your tree should be able to branch from the nodes (the areas where the leaves were attached to the trunk). By removing the dominant, top bud you will retard the hormone that encourages upward growth and encourage production of the hormones responsible for lateral growth. In Texas we have a lengthy growing season, but it could be better to stake it and wait for it to go dormant, prune it, and wait for the new growth in the spring.

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