indoor winter raising ( A diary of how I'm doing)

wesley_butterflies(5b/6)October 14, 2009

It sure sounded easy and it was at first from a three season porch facing east to now what what the heck have I done ( vs I could of waited untill spring )Enemy number one is going to be powdery mildew for those of you that dare this. I donot suggest this indoor raising winter protecting to the faint at heart

I started with cooler night temps a daily carrying em in and out pot by pot late morning and early night for some sun and air.Watering was a good idea when out side but oddly the one gallon pots still drip on the porch floor so a tarp was laid down to help with that.

AM temps are in the 30's and reach 60's in mid day as of last week. The in and out from the porch has gone to in and out of the house to porch and outside on weekends or if I am home if the temp reaches 60s (it's driving the wife nuts )I did however get five kitty litter boxes ( after getting tired of folding the tarp up )and weekly water is done inside of them like a marinad over watering em from top ( AKA wicking in a sence)

I know it's going to get tougher, but I can do it welcome to the last resort:

The walk in basement entry is south facing and no windows (grrrrrrrrr) a semi heated area with 2 shop lamps that have 2 tubes, a 10x4 work bench and all the garden tools,ferts and such are also stored down there are 2 5 gallon rain/compost teas and a very big and bold print out of the lords prayer.

I think I got that "don't try this at home" thing figured out now.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

good luck with your indoor rose overwintering.
keep us updated on your results.
i'm going to use the "store in a protected cold area" after it goes dormant method. lol
best of luck

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