Raised Bed Construction Ideas

dragonfly_wings(Z8 - Central TX.)March 30, 2010

I built a raised bed using some old cedar 2x12's I had laying around from another project. The bed dimensions are 4'x 8'. I had some tomato and pepper plants that would need support and I figured I'd have to cover the whole bed with some shade cloth soon to protect it from the seering Texas sun.

First I thought I'd use some 4' x 20' gridded metal cattle panels I had, cutting it to about 16' length and then attaching each end to the short side of my garden frame so that it would arc over the garden like an arched trellis.

I'd allow my tomato plants to grow up the panels at each end and could cover the arch with shade cloth when needed.

But then I remembered I had some old wooden pallets (the kind used to transport large loads with a forklift) that were exactly 4' x 4' and could be easily attached to both ends of the bed (the 4' sides) with two long 2"x 2" cedar boards attached to the top extending the 8 foot length of the bed that would support a shade cloth. The pallet boards run horizontally like a fence would. Anyway, it was pretty quick and cheap, so I thought I'd share.

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sounds interesting, got pics?

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