How late to plant zucchini?

frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)May 11, 2009

I am trying to plant late to possibly miss the squash vine borer that has ruined my squash each year. When should I plant here in Albuquerque to try this technique?

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I live near Tucson. There are several seasons of squash borers.

They are going to get summer squash no matter what I do. The thing that's worked best for me is to get down and search for eggs on the underside of leaves and stems and poke them with a needle. I do this only with the first plants. I never get them all. I also go after borers in the stem with a wire, but you probably know that works maybe half the time.

I just plant squash once a month and enjoy what I want and give away the rest or compost it. I don't bother to preserve summer squash. I don't really like it frozen or canned. When a vine succumbs to borer damage, I pull it up and put it in the burn pile--not the compost pile.

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I have heard that planting July 4th avoids most squash bugs in central NM. I am trying it this year.
Good luck

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frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)

Have you had any difficulty finding squash that late in the stores, or do you grow from seed?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Zucchini mature in 45-55 days so you can have a planting in mid August and have fruit till the first frost.

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The past twp years I have waited here (zone 7 Albuquerque)til second week in June to plant the squash seeds & -it may just be luck- but those two years I never had a problem with squash bugs. Had heard that the heaviest squash bug egg laying is finished by June so will try my luck again by planting next week! I had squash really producing great when earlier planted neighbor's squash was past their prime so who knows?!

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