Prunus Caroliniana Compacta in Austin

sundeviltxMay 16, 2010

I got a couple of these guys from Home Depot labeled Compact Carolina Cherry Laurels to plant on the west side of my house. I want to ultimately plant more to shade out the entire west side, so all that side of the house stays a little cooler in the evenings. I need them to be about 15 feet tall and want to shape them into small trees instead of Shrubs. Anybody have any experience with this plant? I heard Carolina cherry laurels are prolific spreading plants. That doesn't bother me, in fact I would like it to be that way and fast growing. If these work I will get 4 more to plant them 10 feet apart. Any suggestions?

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If you want small trees, select plants that have a single strong upright leader. If they don't have that, you will have a harder time.

Prune them lightly, but frequently. You want to remove the lowest branches while they are small to encourage the vertical growth, but don't prune out more than a few every month or you will stunt the growth.

When you have the lower branches high enough so you can walk under the tree, you are into maintenance mode and just prune branches to maintain the tree shape: branches that cross through the middle, branches that rub together, and any that stick too far out.

Make sure they are far enough from the house that they aren't damaging paint, and have room to spread.

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