worms on Texas Mountain Laurel

jim65May 24, 2010

need a spray to kill small green worms on my

Texas Mtn Laurel tree. Prefer to use a non-toxic,

home remedy type spray versus a chemical.

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That plant is a host for some rare native butterflies. Unless they are devouring every leaf, leave them alone.

And anything you come up with that can kill caterpillars IS a chemical.

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Hand pick them off if you really are worried about the chemicals.

READERS BEWARE: doing this enough has taught many eco-friendly gardeners that responsible use of chemicals is okay.

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They are probably "Genista" caterpillars. It's a moth, and the caterpillars are unlikely to do permanent damage to the trees.

Management: No management may be required on mature plants as the worms rarely consume enough foliage to damage the plant. However, young and/or newly installed plants with a small canopy may need to be protected. Handpicking is an effective control in small gardens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sophora Worms

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We have that moth species use our Texas Mountain Laurels as hosts for the caterpillars every year. Not much damage and the plant recovers later. I leave them alone. We have many Texas Mountain Laurels, as the plants are native here.

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I am so excited I just got my first TML!!! I have always admired them in the neighborhood. Only in about a week and already found two worms. Based on info above, I guess I will just manually remove them for now. Surely don't want to lose this wonderful addition to our landscape.

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I use bacillus thuringiensis and is used in organic gardening. If you top water the tree it must be re-applied because it will wash right off.

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