Looking for Good Evergreen Screen for Chain Link Fence

parradiceranchMay 28, 2010

This is my first home and I want flowers!!!

I'm looking for an evergreen, flowering plant / vine of some type to place against my existing chain link fence to serve primarily as a screen, and a bit of break from the wind would be nice too.

The soil is very sandy, drains very easily. The area is very windy. Pretty much full sun as there is nothing around and the shadow from the house doesn't reach any of the fence lines.

I suppose evergreen isn't 100% a requirement but easy maintenance if it is not would be great. I'm not sure how much maintenance these but I'd rather go around 1000' of fence with a hedge trimmer would be fine by me. If I could get one type of plant..or multiple types of plants that would look good together...I'd LOVE to have different colors. The fenced off area around my home is approximately 3 acres.

I am on a budget...so if there is a particular plant / plants I can start this year and have fun making cuttings / rooting next year that would be great too! I do have horses so the plant would have to be non-poisonous. Honeysuckle, Climbing Roses, and Clematis are what I have looked at so far but all the choices are very overwhelming.

Any suggestions you guys can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

This is the front fence line:


This is what is in my "front yard"...outside my front gate:


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Quail bush (Atriplex lentiformis) is a great choice which you might consider. Grows very rapidly with supplemental water, so you only need to purchase 5 gallon size plants. Can be trimmed; makes a solid dense shrub (which is why it is called quail bush -- protects them in desert). Needs sandy well drained soil. I can't say enough about this tough but attractive grey-green plant. "google" the name so you can see examples of it. We have been very happy with this plant in hot, dry Southern NM. Good luck.

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Went to your blog spot to see the pics. That is a long fence so, I still would recommend Quail Bush. Needs some irrigation, but little after it gets established. Tucson Botanical Gardens used this plant successfully to hide a chain linked fence.
Where are you located? Very beautiful spot, and a beatiful property. Looks a lot like SE Arizona/ SW New Mexico.

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Where do you live? I'd hate to recommend something that dies because if the climate.

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I live in what the calculator says is zone 8. Littlerock, CA 93543. Mostly sunny, high winds...they tell me sometimes it will snow.

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Palmdale area?

Look in Sunset's Western Garden book for how well these do in your area. They have different zones than the USDA.

Sunset says you are in their Zone 11 (CA high/medium Desert)

Lady Banks Rose (not evergreen, but vigorous and flowers prolifically once a year, somewhat drought tolerant)
Quail Bush
Texas Olive (a tree or large shrub)
Yaupon (Desert Holly)

A combination of them could be interesting, with some evergreen and others changing.

Also, check with your local water company. They usually have lists of recommended plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunset's Plant Finder

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