Locations of ABQ Palm trees and exotics

AlbuquerquePalmGuy(ABQ/RR z7b)May 24, 2006

It has been a while since I posted here, but I was hoping to get a list of some of the locations where there are palms and exotics growing here in Albuquerque. I am also curious if there are some that I dont know about and are worth taking a look at. These posts that I have been reading seem like they should be posted in the palm forum! haa haa. But anyhow, I ask that you please update the list if there are some that you know about. Ultimately I would like to get pictures of all of the plants and then post them on a website that could be used by locals here. So here goes-if there is a better way to present this- FEEL FREE!

Sabana Grande/ Los Reyes area Rio Rancho

----------------California Fans/Trachycarpus/Eucalyptus

Rudys BBQ- Coors


Off Westside BLVD Rio Rancho

----------------2 Large Filibusta hybrids+ Big Filifera

San Idelfonso ABQ Westside

----------------4 Large Filibusta palms age~ 10 years

Albuquerque Zoo

----------------Many trachycarpus/ eucalyptus

Papadeoux Rest. Jefferson/ I-25

----------------Trachycarpus Fortunei

Albuquerque "Hilton"

----------------Trachycarpus Fortunei

Paseo Del Norte/Eubank

----------------Filibusta Hybrids

Baker Landscape San Mateo/ La Veta

----------------Filifera age~10 years

That is about all that I know-


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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

James -

There are a TON of other palm tree locations throughout Albuquerque that I can add to your list. Probably at least 20 or 30 more locations. I will brainstorm, try to remember, etc., and post the many more here in just a 1/2 day or so.

P.S. Where is the Albuquerque Hilton? I have heard about its palm, but have never seen it. Thanks! Much more to come for locations!...

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AlbuquerquePalmGuy(ABQ/RR z7b)

Oh, The Albuquerque Hilton is that hotel where the I25/I40 interchange is. The one that is `15 stories. I dont think it is called the Hilton anymore however. The palm is located on the southern side of the hotel and is ~ 15-20 feet tall. There are a couple others in that area, too. It is a neat palm because you can see it pretty well from the flyovers. You just have to be careful when doing so!

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

Great, thanks! I will have to go check it out!

I have got a long, long list started for these purposes, and am finishing writing it - will get it posted asap. Many, many other cool palm locales around town I will add to the list.

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

Here are additional locations, additional to the ones that albuquerquepalmguy already supplied. I have provided tons of detail (too much detail? you can tell I love palms here). I would suggest checking any of these out, but especially the first six or seven I list  they are all neat, and many of these locations have several palms.

I would love to hear of even any more  I have seen many of albuquerquepalmguyÂs, however, not all of them, and plan too!

Also, in addition to those on this list, I know in walks, runs, etc., I have seen more, but just am too fuzzy to their locations to even list them or describe them. Many can be found randomly through neighborhoods in the Far NE Heights and the NE Heights  especially Trachycarpus Fortuneis, but also some Washingtonias (really, the only three palms I have witnessed in ABQ are the Windmills, the Mexican Fans and the California Fans).

**(I should note, I have a few Washingtonia Filifera, one Trachycarpus Fortunei, and one Washingtonia Robusta in my backyard that cannot be viewed, and I am guessing that is the case with many in ABQ as well, as backyards many times are more protected from colder temps, etc.)

Here is my (long) list:

 In the Far NE Heights, directly in the front yard of a house on Carruthers St. NE. (This is a street that intersects with Academy Rd., when taking Academy eastbound from Eubank Blvd.) When heading south from Academy and Carruthers, and passing a few blocks, this house is roughly on the corner of Carruthers and Kielich. At any event, it has Â
ï§ two (2) Trachycarpus Fortunei  one is quite tall (10 feet?), the other more mid-sized (7 feet?), however, I have been told that both have been in that yard for at least 15 years; even in the dead of winter, they do not really get burnt, they are east-facing, and are completely in the open (not by a wall or house)  they are truly amazing palms

 There is a huge, very upscale neighborhood in Corrales (I believe it is considered Corrales, if not, it is right on the border), it is right off of Alameda. (Just north of Alameda  you enter it off of Alameda  it is just east of Coors Blvd. and just north of where the RudyÂs BBQ West Side is located and the Satellite Coffee there is located). At any event, I do not remember what the name of the street / community is, but if heading west-bound on Alameda, youÂd want to turn in to it at the last right you can take before youÂd get up to where Satellite Coffee is. Anyway, the very upscale community is in there, and the streets form a "V"  you go up and back, and there are about five or six houses at the vortex of the "V" where there are Â
ï§ PALMS GALORE. Just a large amount of very tall Washingtonia Robustas (similar more to the landscaping in Phoenix, El Paso, etc.). There are also large Robustas, Filiferas, and Trachycarpus Fortunei scattered throughout these five or six houses. If you walk around (I donÂt think you could drive around), you can see in these homes backyards also many other large Washingtonias). Probably 30+ palms in all. Some of these palms burn pretty badly in the winter, as a) they are in one of the coldest areas of the area, being very close to the river, and b) they were planted with no real thought in many cases to exposure, protection, etc. However, they have seemed to readily recover the last time I checked them out in April, and they are everywhere  quite beautiful, especially in the "non-burned" months. This is one palm-lovers here would have to check out!

 Probably MY FAVORITE "palm location" in Albuquerque. There is a really neatly landscaped home directly off of Commanche in the NE Heights. To find it, simply head west on Commanche (if starting on Commanche and Wyoming), and youÂll find it on a corner off of Commanche on the SOUTH side of Commanche. It is between Wyoming and Pennsylvania. It has Â
ï§ A large Washingtonia pressed against the house  burns in winter, but very quickly gets fully green by early spring. There are also several Trachycarpus Fortunei of differing sizes, including a fairly large one (although believe it or not, often times the Washingtonia looks even better than the large Fortunei). I love how these homeowners have landscaped  my ideal landscape for Albuquerque. They also have at least one or two palms in the back yard (you can see their crowns over the wall, but I am not sure if they are Trachys or Washingtonias).

 Very large Trachycarpus Fortunei in front of the old RowlandÂs Nursery Building that is directly off of Montgomery Blvd. (at approximately Montgomery and Tramway); the Trachy is right next to a very large Âpalm yucca.

 There is a long row of about eight (8) mid-sized Trachycarpus Fortuneis along the "A" Building at TVI (soon to be CNM Community College)  the Main Campus. I forget which of the four sides of the A Building they are planted on, however, it is the side facing the middle courtyard between building. They are sharp being so many and all in a row, and appear to be doing really fairly well.

 There is a HUGE Trachycarpus Fortunei on a side street / neighborhood not far off of Academy  on a street NORTH of Academy. Regrettably, I have forgotten the streets / directions specifically. However, if you go north off of Academy, it is approximately in the middle section (so, well west of Wyoming, but well east of San Pedro) of where the Arroyo Del Oso golf course is, just a few blocks in north. Even though these directions arenÂt great, it isnÂt too hard to find. It is in the front courtyard of a large (I believe) white house. It must be 15 to 20 feet tall and looks great.

 There is a very large Trachycarpus Fortunei on a side street / neighborhood not far off of Osuna (the more east Osuna  the one that runs along Arroyo Del Oso golf course)  SOUTH of Osuna, it is in the front courtyard of a beautiful southwestern-style house. It must be 10 to 15 feet tall and looks great. Regrettably, I have forgotten the streets / directions specifically. However, if you go south off of Osuna, it is approximately between Louisiana and San Pedro, and probably about 2 or 3 blocks "in" off of Osuna, approximately.

 Directly in a front yard off of Spain Rd.  the NORTH side of Spain  a houseÂs front yard half-way between Eubank Blvd. and Wyoming Blvd. Â
ï§ one mid-sized Trachycarpus Fortunei
 Just found these three about two weeks ago. In a newly-being-built, upscale, gated community  north of Paseo Del Norte  in the front yard of a north-facing home, there are two (2) fairly tall Washingtonias, that have spotlights on them for nighttime. There is also a fairly young Trachycarpus Fortunei. I found these palms, because when driving westbound on Paseo Del Norte, you  if you look fast enough while driving 55+ mph  can easily see the two Washingtonias from the street. I think generally it will be hard to go see these up-close, however, I was able to, as the neighborhood is still well under construction, and they leave the gates open during the daytime for easy construction access. I am not entirely sure the cross street to Paseo, however, I do believe it is west of Wyoming, although somewhat up in that vicinity. For sure west of Eubank, likely still west of Wyoming. When you see them, (assuming the gate is kept open), you head north on the first intersecting street you encounter, and then head back east on the next intersecting street you encounter (which takes you through the gates). YouÂll drive up right past this palm-clad house.

 On Bart Ave.  between Wyoming and Pennsylvania, just a few blocks north of Montgomery Blvd.  a fairly young but thriving Trachycarpus Fortunei in the front yard.

 Two (2) Washingtonias on the west side of Coors Blvd., after you enter the SW quadrant (so yes, well south on Coors). These two are located in the front of the lot of a company (you drive right past the front if you are heading past it going south-bound) called something starting with "Florida"Âit is either a landscaping company, or a home builder, or something of that nature. Honestly, one of the two Washingtonias looks like it might be in trouble based upon the brown fronds on top with no signs of renewal the last I saw. However, the other one had renewed its green fronds in spring quite well.

 If you  from San Mateo and Commanche  keep heading westbound on Commanche, on the NORTH side of Commanche, there is a house directly off of Commanche (this one is pretty much across from a large school on the other side of the street), in front of the house there are two (2) extremely large, old Trachycarpus Fortuneis (have been told they have been there for 15+ years), and in the middle of them, a younger, smaller palm (not sure if it is another Trachy or not). These never show winter burn at all and are just "prime examples" of successful, large palm growing in ABQ. These are terribly easy to find, too.

 A Washingtonia Filifera  pretty large one  is located in front of an architectural office just a few blocks tucked in NORTHEAST from the corner of San Mateo and Central Ave. I regrettably do not have the specific street names, or directions, however, this one is extremely easy to find if you go to Central and San Mateo, and just start heading in two or three blocks north and east. It always looks great spring through fall. I believe the Washy is facing west.

 Right off of Eubank Blvd.  a block east of Eubank  and just a mile or two south of Paseo Del Norte  (I believe it is Eubank, and the cross-street Los Ranchitos, although I could be wrong on the cross street)  in a very upscale neighborhood, there are four (4) sizable Washingtonias in the front yard. (As you head east on this road, this house is very close to Eubank, and is on the south side of the street). These are beautiful palms, and I always check them out. They always look on their fronds deader than dead from November through March, however, seemingly overnight, they regenerate their fronds quickly in April and thrive.

 I have been told and confirmed that at UNM, in a few different areas/courtyards, there are quite a few Trachycarpus Fortuneis, perhaps by a library there? I have never personally seen them though, and could not give you specific directions.

 There is a 3 foot Trachycarpus Fortunei in front of the MykanoÂs restaurant in the Mountain Run Shopping Center, at approximately Eubank and Juan Tabo. (This one isnÂt terribly enthralling as it is admittedly kept in a large clay pot, however, I have seen it out year-round, I donÂt think they take it in even in the winter really).

 I have also seen two (2) mid-sized Trachycarpus Fortuneis on the West Side in a corner house very near the Petroglyphs, I believe off of Unser or Golf Course, however, I really do not recall even general directions. Also, I saw two (2) mid-sized Trachycarpus Fortuneis in a fairly new-built, upscale community north of Paseo Del Norte, in an area somewhat around Ventura (Trader JoeÂs). Again though, it was in a corner house of the community and while the palms looked sharp, I really do not recall even general directions, besides it being north of Paseo and in the general vicinity of slightly a hare west or east of Trader JoeÂs.

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

***A few direction corrections to my previous post, listing all of the palm locations:

-They are against a wall on the "M" building! All other directions are accurate, but it is the "M" (Main) Building (NOT the A Building).

---BULLET POINT #9 - (Bullet begins "Just found these three about two weeks ago. In a newly-being-built, upscale, gated community north of Paseo Del Norte")
-I was wrong, I just went by these again today, this is NOT west of Wyoming. Instead, it is between Eubank and Wyoming, right off of (north of Paseo). At HOLBROOK, you turn north. Right away, on the east side, there will be a gated enterance for the OCOTILLO gated community (again, the gates are generally open during the day for all of the construction/realty comings and goings). You turn into (east) the Ocotillo. Immediately, you will take a slight right, heading for a second or two back south in the direction of Paseo. The only street you run into going that way for a second, you turn left (east). Just go up quite a few houses, and the large palms are on the right-hand side (south side) - the palms are north facing.

---BULLET POINT #14 - (Bullet begins "Right off of Eubank Blvd. a block east of Eubank")
-Very minor correction. The cross-street that the palms are on, which crosses from Eubank, is NOT "Los Ranchitos", but rather, simply "Ranchitos". Everything else with the directions is accurate. These palms look great.

As a follow up to albuquerquepalmguy's original posting here, (thanks apg!), I checked out the Hilton by I-25 and I-40. Actually, there are a total of at least three (3) T. Fortuneis palms at that hotel - there is the very tall one, and there are two others that I saw (one on a far east corner up from the big one and one right across the path from the big one - both of the "small ones" are still 7 to 10 feet tall I'd say). Very beautiful palms. Also, next to the two close-together palms, I observed what I believe was an aged peach tree, with likely several hundered peaches growing on it.

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chagrin(z6/7 NM)

The best palms at the University of New Mexico are in the little courtyard at the west side of the Sociology building (behind--north of--Zimmerman Library). I was up there about a month ago and snitched a few seeds. What's nice is that there are benches so you can sit down and take a load off and really enjoy the trees.

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Believe it or not there's a Phoenix dactylifera on Central Ave. between Solano St. and Carlisle Blvd near Nob Hill. It's in front of a motel (can't remember the name) on the north side of Central. I just looked at it this morning and while it had a lot of dead fronds from the winter, there were a surprising number of green healthy fronds coming out.


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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

Add to the list:

There are a few T. Fortuneis (outdoors) at the Botanical Gardens too - a few mid-sized ones by the children's garden area.

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

Three new brief palm-notes from the weekend:

a) In reference to cactus_dude's note regarding his sighting of the Phoenix dactylifera - the hotel it is in front of is the University Lodge, and I went up to yet yesterday - 6.11 - and it looked now very, very good! It is short, but thriving.

b) In reference to James' notation of the Washingtonia Filifera growing by the Baker Landscape (has been there for roughly 10 years), I saw it yesterday - 6.11 - and it looks probably as healthy as any Washy I have ever seen in EP or PHX...just looks tremendous - no visible winter burnoff anymore at all, trunk looks impecable, has gotten pretty tall...just looks great.

c) Also, an addition to the list: for anyone familiar with that Baker Landscape Washingtonia Filifera, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but that Washy is against the west-facing wall of that building. Around the corner, on the south-facing wall, there are three (3) T. Fortuneis...fairly young...probably only 4 feet tall still...all looked great. I don't know if I missed those in the past, or, if they were planted not too long ago.

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

***Another direction correction to my original (long) post, listing all of the palm locations:

---BULLET POINT #7 - (Bullet begins "There is a very large Trachycarpus Fortunei on a side street / neighborhood not far off of Osuna (the more east Osuna the one that runs along Arroyo Del Oso golf course)") -

Just saw this palm again yesterday (June 14th)...another beautiful and thriving palm - probably has been in place for 10+ years I would guess. Probably 15 feet tall. It is at 4704 Sherwood St. NE. Sherwood St. is just off of Northland Ave. NE. Beautiful palm.

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

I found two (2) aged saguaros - yes saguaros! - growing in yards in Albuquerque.

One is the 12 or 14 foot saguaro growing next to the house in the South Valley that has been discussed quite a bit in this forum in the last few years. Have been told it has been there for 10+ years. I just saw it on Saturday (6.24) and it looks like it is still doing very well.

The other is approximately 4-to-5 feet tall, and is in a front yard on Palomas NE (approximately a 1/2 block south of the intersection of Commanche NE and Palomas NE in the Northeast Heights). While it isn't as incredibly tall as the one in the South Valley, the amazing thing regarding this saguaro is that I have been told it has been in this yard for many/several years as well, and has thrived. Just looking at it for the first time on Saturday, I was amazed at how freeze/frost-free it was of any scars from winters past it was. It is "standing alone" aka no protection from walls, etc., and is east-facing. Even if it has been in the ground there for 5 years (I think what I have been told is approx. 10) that is an amazing plant. It really looks sharp too!

(In this yard, even though the saguaro certainly is the main cactus that stands out, there are a number of other very interesting, non-Albuquerque-typical cacti, including a fish hook barrel, and some others that would be more typical of El Paso/Tucson - all seemed to be doing pretty well). Amazing yard.

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adp_abq(7b NM)


I've heard that the argentine saguaro (trichocereus terscheckii) looks very much like the american saguaro but more cold hardy. Do you think it might be that?

Anyway, posting a question earlier in cactus forum about argentine saguaro's, I got a response from someone who told me about a house on camino paisano NW(unser->west on 98th->first left->first left). It had one of those argentine saguaro's (small) but it had alot of other cool desert plants and palms. In fact it seemed every square foot of the house was planted with desert plants/palms. You might want to check it out.

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abqpalms(Albuquerque, NM)

adp_abq -

Hmmm...I have no idea if the smaller one I referenced was an Argentine Saguaro (Trichocereus Terscheckii)...I actually forgot about those. If I can ever figure out a way to post pictures on this site, I will do so (I took 3 or 4 photos). It very well may be. I just unfortunately do not know. But that is a great thought! Regardless if Argentine or American, it is really a neat, non-ABQish cactus!

Thanks tons for the heads-up of the house on the West Side...that is one where I have never seen (or had not heard about) their yard. I surely will be checking it out!


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adp_abq(7b NM)

I think I might go buy one (argentine saguaro) at the exotic cactus ranch in T or C and give it a try.

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Any updates? This last winter was severe, and was probably a good test for many of these palms. Regarding Argentine cacti, I just planted Trichocereus pasacana; we'll see how it fairs this winter.

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Does anyone know how all theas palms are now its 2007 i wonder how big they got.

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I do have one update the mexican fanpalm on rudys BBQ is still alive. It is thriveing it looks so amazing;now it is starting to get taller. ther is one more but I don't know what street it is on.

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AlbuquerquePalmGuy(ABQ/RR z7b)

well Im finally going to make a trip back to ABQ (been gone a year) and see whats going on in my yard- I will post an update when I get back- I will take some pics too. I do know that I lost two palm trees from what my family tells me. They were battling weeds with round up(I was so pissed) so I cant say if it was the cold or that... apparantly my palms arer getting pretty big though.... we will see. Im excited to see them!

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I know most of the Trachy's in front of Pappadeaux on I-25 flowered this year (maybe something to do with last years's severe winter)...They are super healthy.

Does anybody know the status of the Washingtonias in town (other than the Rudy's one)?

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AlbuquerquePalmGuy(ABQ/RR z7b)

here ae some recentimages of my yard- Ionly had my cameraphoneso I apologiseabout the quality.

Hereis my biggest palm... I protected it last year- and it grew back nicely after the severe winter in ABQ. I lost 2 large palms that Iplanted.... so sad- but I think I killed them with my protection method- (wall o water on the crown-( I think the weight of the snow punctured the walls and allowed waterto freeze in the crown due to thethorny nature of washintonias.....

Here is a quicj pic of the front yard- It is hard to see in the pic- but the filifera is HUGE- way taller then me!

I will addthis- I now have 3 LARGE filiferas in my front yard that survived without protection after 16 inches of snow and 10 degrees- and i think (someone correct me if im wrong) a couple of days below 32.... Pretty impressive.

I lost this puppy- so sad! but I really do think filiferas are a way better choice forABQ- then this less hardy Filibusta...Oh I have a filifera that survived in the valley un protectedlast season as well... that suckeris going to get big next year.....

Here is my biggest filifera last season... as you can compare with the above pic- it has grown bigger... and has not declined despite the coldtemperatures- It has been in the ground for 3 years orso and i think it is finally becoming well established...

I would like to hearof other plants around town... any updates???? I didnt get a chance to drive aaround- but did seethe filibusta at rudys.... what aboutothers? if anyonewouldlike to go around town I knowthe locations ofpalms...

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Thank you! That gives me hope that I am not wasting my time with my 2 filifera (T or C, NM seed). Amazing yard by the way.
Are you growing any other palms such as Sabal minor or Trachycarpus? I recently purchased a Jubaea which I plan to try outside in a few years. Great news. I am pretty sure that you are correct about multiple days below 32 F. I know where I was in the NE Heights we had snow on the ground for over a month in my backyard after the blizzard!

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near San Mateo and central there is a mexican restaurant that has large queen or king palms planted outside,this is the same place that had those palms die last year,I guess they planted new ones and I drove by last week and they look great,I dont know how they are making it past this cold that we had.Also a street just east of san mateo and central has a large califronia palm,it looks very very good.

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albuquerquepalmguy--- thanks for the photos of your beautiful yard. Lots of work and passion went into it, and it paid off greatly
wineandlobos --- sorry to hear aboout the Queen palms at SM and Central. They will be dead in a few weeks.... maybe it's like a "loss leader" for them to plant these... too bad for the palms, though. Good that they are not endangered.

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There are two baby windmills planted infront of an address in ventana ranch. Off Irving/Kayenta on a street I believe to be Bisbee. They look very good and well maintained.

There is also a house on Unser just south of Montano that has one big washington palm and several smaller windmills in the back yard.

In the northeast heights there is also a house on ventura just east a few blocks of Academy on the north side of the street that has 3 20ft windmills. They look very good!

    Bookmark   December 22, 2010 at 9:28PM
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