Suggestions for front step accent bushes?

scdiggerNovember 6, 2008

Hey guys,

Am needing some suggestions on bushes to go on either side of the front steps in front of the house...about 4 feet from ground to porch...would like something that flowers...upstate SC..thanks for suggestions.


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Hi Greg, I am not sure if you are still checking this post. I think the reason you didnt' get answers was we needed more info. Like is it sunny or shady? Are you meaning you want a busy about 4 ft tall? What about width?
Do you want evergreen or do you mind it goes dormant or loses leaves in winter? If you're in SC you probably have very mild winters esp if you are very near the coast. Are you zone 8?
Anyway, here are some suggestions:
viburnum - there are many kinds so you would have to research them
hydrangea - like shade and water, usually - many varieties
cleyera - I love this shrub but the flowers are inconspicuous, but the foliage is great and evergreen
Butterfly bush - can get large but you usually cut it back each year early spring
Spirea - several kinds, usually bloom in spring
Azalea - shade
Gardenia - very fragrant, can have yellow leaves at times, can have scale insects
Lantana - butterflies love it - can get wide but takes pruning easy
Roses - particularly Knockout roses which are easy and bloom alot- needs sun
hope this helps you begin your search

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dwarf Walter's Viburnum
stays under 5 feet
can take shearing
blooms with pretty white flowers
cold hardy
pest free
disease resistant
with water and fertilizer - looks like a million bucks

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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

If you want something both evergreen and occasionally flowering, dwarf loropetalums (chinese fringeflower) might work. They are usually about as tall as they are wide (and you didn't mention width), but can be pruned/shaped as necessary.

Non-dwarf can get 6-8' tall.
Dwarf is usually 3' to maybe even 4' if grown in good soil.

Knockout roses might also be a good choice and are evergreen in a warm zone 8 or above, but may eventually get just a wee bit taller than you'd like (usually 4' to 6'). But they can be pruned to keep them to 4' or so if necessary.

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My house was completed in 2001; and since then, I've been doing my own landscaping, including the foundation shrubbery. The house looks like an old-fashioned, 1800's-style beach house, with a large wrap-around porch. On either side of the front doorsteps, I've planted two 'Yuletide' sasanquas. 'Yuletide' sasanquas might be a good choice for your front steps. If you're not familiar with 'Yuletide,' it is a gorgeous Christmas-red sasanqua that blooms in the late fall and early winter. 'Yuletide' is slower growing than most other sasanquas and a little more compact in its growth than most other sasanquas. Over time, 'Yuletide' will, however, grow large. 'Yuletide' seems a little slow to set buds while young, but the glowing red flowers are a rich reward for waiting a couple of growing seasons to enjoy them. And like most other sasanquas, 'Yuletide' will tolerate sun or shade.

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