Burrr Cold, how do I keep my plants warm?

daturalover(8)November 19, 2005

I have put up a small greenhouse for my topical plants.

It is used 2x4's to frame it, and put plastic around the whole thing.

I stapled the plastic, put up tarps on all sides exposed because of the winds. So that I can tie them down when we get our very high winds.

I built the roof on a slant so that the water would run off and put it next to the deck for added strength. I thought I had everything covered........ Now we are gettting freezing weather!! I have thought of everything but this.

Now we are having weather that New Yorkers get. Freezing!!!

How do I keep the plants warm? I can't use fire of any kind because of the space.

How about one of those lights that "guy" use outside in the dark? the kind that has a handle on them?? (don't know the name of them)

Do you think this will keep it warm enough to keep the space warm enough?

Or is there something I can get that will warm this space 8 x 10?



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Electric heater maybe?

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

First of all, if you can, put plastic on both the inside and the outside of the frame, so there's an air space in between, or even use bubble wrap. Which direction does it face? If it's more or less south, large containers of water will heat up in the day and give off heat at night. I'm a zone warmer than you are, but I find just a light bulb or two is enough most the time. I've been thinking about trying heat mats; plants won't feel so cold if their roots are warm, I've read. My little greenhouse is basically for storage of tropicals, but I find it stays warm enough that they can look quite good if I take care of them with this routine. My original intent was just dormant storage. It's surprising what just a little protection can do!

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