Our Desert Museum tree is turning brown

weinrickMay 21, 2013

We planted our Desert Museum tree 4 years ago. It has been beautiful and health. In November the tree was trimmed - we were shocked when we saw how much was taken off. It is now May 2013. We just returned after being out of town for 4-weeks. The tree has gone from green to brown. I have attached 4-picture that I just took a few minutes ago.

Is our tree dying? We live in the Kensington neighborhood of San Diego which is inland off of Mission Valley, not at the beach or bay. What should we do. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you Jw

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sorry to see you didn't get any response on this (doesn't seem to be a very active forum, unfortunately). I'm considering buying a/some DM Palo Verdes for my yard, so I'm also interested in the answer.

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Most likely this is an irrigation problem. We, Southern CA, have had one of the driest springs on record. Buy a soil probe with a metal "step on" so you can probe the soil to about 18" from Gemplers (online). If the soil is dry you will need the step-on to get the probe deep into the soil. Check the soil moisture under the drip line. If it is dry, water deeply so the water gets to about 18"deep.

If you have a clay soil, you will have to amend it so that it drains well for the tree to survive. Add horticultural gypsum (a fertilizer and soil conditioner used in ameliorating high sodium soils and improving drainage) Kellogg brand amendment, cactus soil, and or pea gravel to improve the drainage. Do not use sand or decomposed granite. Use some Super Thrive according to directions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gempler's soil probes

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