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weeg7-8azMay 11, 2007

ive recently moved to the verde valley-elevation 3,500, from higher climes, 8,000 trying to get the hang of growing around here-vegies,tomatoes in gets around 108 in mid summer and some of my plants get fried.i know water,water,water.but even then frying occurs,especially with my thinking very seriously about shade there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction in terms of how much protection in terms of u.v. percentage.should i go with 50%,65%,70%?locals say cut off the afternoon sun to prevent frying.ive got a few maters that ive tried to locate in areas around the house to give them morning and early afternoon exposure-it seems to be working.however ive got a plot of worked soil-inherited from the previous owners-that ive improved in hopes of getting a modest crop fresh produce from,and want to be able to put some tomatoes in there without having to worry about to much exposure.

im mulching with straw to retain moisture and keep the weeds down.

anybody out there with shade cloth experience?


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I have a shade cloth and a mister hose and it does help alittle but it gets so hot even with the shade cloth things wilt but the mister hole helps alot.Here is a hose like I got but mine was much cheaper.Mine plugs in to a normal socket you can even put them on a timer.Good luck let us know how it works for you .

Here is a link that might be useful: mister hose

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