Over-Picking Camellias?

bosewichte(7a/8b)November 2, 2013

The house we moved into last year has several beautiful camellia bushes (trees? shrubs?). They're just starting to bloom and all of the bushes are absolutely loaded with buds. My question is this: I make lots of bouquets with camellias all season long, but I don't want to "over-pick" and cause difficulties with next year's bloom. I've heard that picking a lot for bouquets is fine, because you're basically just giving it a nice prune, but what's the rule of thumb with camellias?


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Camellias set their buds in the heat of the summer.
So, you can definately cut the blooming flowers off when you want to, it won't hurt future blooms at all.
They are definately trees, not shrubs.
Just look real close when you are cutting the blooming flowers off and see how the tree is growing. Cut down to the next twig, that is growing out.
Hard to explain online.
You should try some news ones too. You will have more to pick. LOL.

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Do not worry, cut what you want.
I cut a lot each year for bouquets and every year have many blooms.

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Thanks so much! I'm very relieved to learn this!

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After we reached 4F last week all my camellia buds are dead so it looks as if I will not have any to cut this spring.
bosewichte, did the cold affect your camellia buds?

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