Is Yucca elephantipes blooming anywhere now?

treeguy123(AL 7b)May 7, 2013

Is Yucca elephantipes (aka: Yucca gigantea, Yucca guatemalensis) blooming or about to bloom anywhere now? I have a Yucca recurvifolia that is about to bloom in a week or two that I would love to cross with Yucca elephantipes (If I could get fresh pollen of Yucca elephantipes mailed to me by someone), but there are no mature plants around here to obtain pollen because it's way too cold here.

Also it looks like most of them bloom in summer or autumn. But I've seen a few pictures of Yucca guatemalensis blooming in spring like on April 12, 2009 in El Salvador, see this picture:

And here is a picture on May 6th 2011 of one blooming in Costa Rica:

A Hybrid cross between Yucca guatemalensis and Yucca recurvifolia might form a Yucca very cold hardy to zone 7, and form a tree like Yucca intermediate between the parents that is relatively very fast growing.

To form the hybrid cross I would use these procedures:

Any help would be appreciated.

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Contact botanic gardens ... you can't just ship plant specimens across borders without lots of paperwork.

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