New Millenium delpniniums - take the heat?

squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)November 17, 2004


Has anyone grown the New Zealand delphiniums (such as the New Millenium series) here in the South and do they have good heat tolerance as described? Would really like to grow delphiniums.

Thanks for any input, K

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will_work_for_roses(z7 NC)

I'm brand new at growing delphiniums, but bought some of the NZ ones because they're supposed to take the heat better. They're not real tall, maybe 2.5 ft. They did fine - I had them on the east side of the house where they'd only get morning sun. I'm going to get more transplants next spring and try in a few other places as well.

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squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)

Thanks will_work_for_roses. Where did you get the NZ delphiniums?

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