Yucca transplant -- advice?

lindseylu(7 - New Mexico)June 4, 2006


I need to transplant a small yucca (approximately 18 inches high) and was wondering if anyone could tell me how long I should expect the tap root to be? I have read other forum postings and it seems that yuccas have big tap roots that are easily damaged. If anyone has experience with this and can offer me advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Lindsey :)

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I'd like to know about this too. Last year we dug out a weeping yucca that had gotten too big for the area it was in, and now I have like seven or eight volunteers ranging in size from six inches to a foot or more high. I'd like to dig them up and move them to a better spot.

I wonder how deep the roots go as well.


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depends upon the species. Generally, all transplant readily when roots are preserved as much as possible. Of the tree species, the least forgiving is Yucca elata, which not surprisingly has the longest taproot. Y. thompsoniana and Y. rostrata are very forgiving. Importance is well drained soil and not overwatering. Hope this helps. dl

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lindseylu(7 - New Mexico)

Yes, that does help! I'll find out if my yucca is one of the three species you mentioned. Thanks for the advice!

Lindsey :)

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I've been advised that the side of the plant toward the sun MUST remain toward the sun when replanted.

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chena(z8 Texas)

I have transplanted quite a few and have found them very forgiving.. A couple I thought had died popped back up a few months later.

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