Chaste Tree Wilting

hilery(8A Nevada)June 17, 2008

We have a chaste tree that just went into the ground and it is wilting. I don't suspect the heat because it is cool outside tonight and the leaves have not perked up. Do they usually wilt from too little or too much water?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

You should water newly planted trees/shrubs every two days with at least 2 gallons of water the first week. Increase the interval by one day each week until you water once weekly until November. Next spring start watering weekly and by early summer you can begin water every two weeks with 5 gallons of water. It will take 3 years for plants to be established at which time you can increase the intervals again. This schedule is predicated on having a good soil. If you have a 70% or more sandy soil, you will have alter you watering intervals.

REMEMBER: After the first year, it is the quantity of water not the frequency of watering that counts.

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cnm7(7a Albuquerque)

Hi hilery,

They usually wilt from too little water. Set the hose over the root ball and turn the water on nice and slow. Let it run for at least an hour and move it a couple times to different sides of the tree to make sure the entire root ball gets moist. Watering needs to be deep especially this time of year in the desert...your tree should perk up by the next morning.


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antm0(Sunset Zone 13)

The watering needs to be deep and infrequently once established though. Depending on size of the tree, i've even recommended to my customers to sometimes water for a good 5 hours with a hose on a slow stream, and make sure there is a raised ring around the tree that is as wide as the canopy when watering. Dripper's on tree's just wont cut it unless you have multiple emitters to it and it has its own seperate schedule for watering. Those tree's also like to sucker ALOT and send out alot of water sprouts so be prepared. I am located in AZ too so it might be a little different care then where you are. just my 2 cents, i guess every little bit helps. Good luck

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