Plants in possible wrong zone

nikky35November 28, 2006

I purchashed both of these plants Viburnum Arrowood (Dentatum) and Red Weigela from sites that advised they were good to plant in zone 9. I am a bit worried now because I checked a few other sites that advised they only go up to zone 8. If I plant them here in Florida (Orlando)Will that pose a issue. If anyone knows please help me out.

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I've been looking for those two plants at every nursery around here!!!!! Those are fantastic "bird" plants. I bird garden -- grow plants that feed, shelter, house birds. I don't know about zone 9, sorry, so I probably shouldn't answer the post.

Sure would do great in zone 7, though, if I could just find these plants!!!! Why does it have to be so hard. Getting plants I want starts to feel like a real scavenger hunt.

Good luck!

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