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brittneysgranFebruary 20, 2007

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one or more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!


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Hello Sharon, I found the directions you gave me on changing color and size and am just now trying it and it works. Hooray

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Here's the Babies I promised to show you. They are coming fast right now. We should end up with around 45 calves when calving season is over in a couple of months. One of the calves I am going to name Panda, can you guess which one?


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Oh my gosh....we have walls!
I was totally surprised when DH told me yesterday that he was bringing our crew out to the new house today to start setting walls. We haven't worked over there in so long due to the weather and I was totally thrilled. We also had a big lumber order delivered.

Unfortunately, the lumber truck couldn't get up the driveway so they had to unload everything at the road and bring it up with the forks on the Bobcat. It actually wasn't so bad but took much more time.

I came home for a break and some lunch. Thought i'd share some pics with you.....

The sun eventually came out and it's a glorious 40 degrees! I'm so anxious to head back over and see more walls. I don't know how much he's planning on getting done today, but when I left they were almost done standing the last wall that was already built so I'm assuming they'll have room now and will start on the last couple. There will be 2 large exterior and 4 small exterior and those will probably get done today. I doubt he'll have time for any interior walls.

That giant contraption in the center is our fireplace. The plywood is acting as a wind screen for the time being. He said he has to go up 5 feet higher on the chimney and it will be finished.

Debbie, those are the cutest baby cows ever!!! I wish I could adopt one. : ) I'm very envious. Thank you so much for sharing.

My pond is finally thawing out and I caught a glimpse of a few smaller fish. They came out to get a tan. ; ) Hope all the bigger ones are doing okay. I haven't seen them in so long.

I have insomnia real bad. A pregnancy side effect. I've only slept about 5 hrs. total in the past 2 nights. I better go take a nap.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hi All,
OMG, I've wanted to beat kid's, made the mistake once again of letting teenagers on here, Monday night, when will I learn?
used neighbors to keep up with co-op,, I can finally get on line again tonight, hence why I have not posted to let you all know, David does NOT have to have surgery, he is off work for 2 more week's & should be doing heat therapy, but he wont cuz oh the over $3000.00 we owe the docs right now, so I have him using my heating massaging full size pad I have for my back..

Wonderful work on the house, I bet Jason was loving the warm spell we had? I think we are for sure going to have an early spring, my Gold Finches are changing to bright yellow already & a friend of mine said they seen a Robin, we can only hope it warms up. Loved your pick you sent in the E-mail, I knew you had a head. Time is coming fast, I cant believe you are that far along already, just seems unreal how fast time really fly's.

Love Pep Talk, not sure if I'm getting any from 4paws or not? Sure hope she don't have any others cut:( I think you are in that co-op with her, It is very hard to keep track of all of them going on, I just have to keep telling myself I can live without a new such & such, I am waiting to see if Leslie is going to do a Daylily something, not sure what as she can't do a Co-op.

45 WOW that's a lot of babies to tend:0) Can I us a pic of 1 of them? last weekend I made baby D a bunch of laminated pics of all sorts of animals, trying to teach not only the names of an adult but the babies as well, I had a good cow for him, but couldn't find any good calves to use.

I think I made a boo boo? I bid on Spacecoast Sea Shells, I think that was one you had to trade me, I am not going to bid any higher on it, if I don't get it, I sure hope it was one.
Amazing what a small code can do:)
Better go make sure David don't need anything, he has to have his 6 month blood work done in the morning, so nothing to eat or drink after 7:30 tonight, will try to catch up with the old thread tomorrow, Have a great night all, :)Anita

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Hi ya'll, it's me asking you to all say a prayer for me or send good thoughts my way. My surgery is at 3:00PM tomorrow. I'm not really worried about the surgery, just the pain afterwards so if I get good meds I'll be all set. Jerry could use a prayer too since he's more worried and uptight about it than I am!

Dawn, Talon is really growing right along with your house. How cool is that? They should be ready about the same time or at least the house should be well on it's way. It is looking great. Is that your big dog in the front of the house? He looks just like one next door to me.

Debbie, we have a lot of farms around us and I love looking at the babies. They are all so fluffy this time of year with their winter coats on and so cute when they are chasing their mommy.

We have a houseful of dogs for the next few days. Of course we have Andy and then there's Mandy who is a rat terrier and Rock who is a bassett/lab mix. He is still a pup and looks just like a lab to me with longer ears and the basset's long body! What a hoot!!

Anita, great news for David! Make sure that you keep him off his feet, men are so stubborn.

Sharon the lilies are gorgeous! I think they are my favorite flower especially when they've had time to multiply. They are so strong and make such an impact!

It's been so beautiful here all this week, warm and sunny. I have some small daffs blooming. I'm not sure which they are but they sure are pretty when everything else is blah!

Take care and BIG HUGS to all,


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Nancy, my prayer for you is in God's ear early this morning.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Ah, baby animals, flowers and a new house. I can almost smell the fresh spring air coming with the promise of new life, sunshine and hope.

Are there any plans for a March swap of any kind? How about an In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Seed Exchange? Something small, not too costly, but fun?

By the way, I'm just curious here. Anyone else sew, besides Canna and Jo?

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Good Morning Everyone,

Mama G,
Nope, no room full of cross word books:)

I love any glass, I need a new curio cabinet, as I have this one full & all my extra space has glass of some sort, I will be watching for your new one. Coincidentally I used to collect salt & pepper shakers, I only have the ones that belonged to my grandma out now, but hey you never know when I might start up with that gig again:)

Glad to see your feeling better:0 Oh I cant take credit for how beautiful Maleah is, she belongs to our dear Canna. Nope no babies here we are all spayed or neutered including ALL my pets, Bob Barker & Susan would be proud of me:)

Sure hope you are doing better, good thing for that wonderful comforting daughter.

Oh, wow maybe you have stumbled across a new way of germinating them, Did you run them on delicate?
I can just see you trying so hard to toss them out & saying No, No I better give them chance.

Mary S,
Glad to see you back with us:) I am so over winter too:( & it is coming down like mad out right now.

I did not forget about Maleah's snowman, my sister told me about this cool snowman kit, so of course I had to get one, I get it yesterday & will try to make it for her when we get back from David's blood work this morning.

I would have shoved that box across the ground to get it home if I had to, no way would I have the suspense killing me till PO brought it!

Prayers & hugs coming your way, Please let us know as soon as you can how things went, even if you have to make Gerry type it for you:) Oh right I know.
Off feet? I am having a hard time keeping him off his 4-wheeler & snowmobile, after the MRI & before seeing the neurosurgeon the nurse had called to tell him his do & don't list, well when I told her he was out PLOWING with his 4-wheeler it was not 2 minutes & his doctor called & asked to speak to him, now I know he thinks I set the doc up to that call, but honestly I did not do it. He will be fine if I don't beat him to death for playing with his toy's:)

Nope don't sew & not big on seeds:(

Have a great day all,Need to get going:)Anita

SUSAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE 25th, In case I cant get on to tell you then, hope you have a great one:)

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Hello Everyone!

Remember me? Did ya'll miss me? Am I in the corner?

Just trying to catch up with everything that's been going on! My first day back up and online since sometime in Sept./October....(perfect timing cause I'm getting spring fever....) my goodness, alot has been going on.
Since being offline I have over a two thousand emails to sift thru......ugh!
It's good to be back online.
A BIG WARM welcome to all the newcomers, soon to be or new arrivals and my heartfelt
sympathy for all the loses as well.
Looking forward to catching up and I hope I'm not in the corner! (I've missed you all!)


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I received and opened my wonderful box from Debbie, first was a singing tweetie how did she know I love tweetie? a heart shaped box of stoffer chocolates, a cedar birdhouse, a finch feeder a bag of thistle for it, a hummingbird feeder and food. a treat bell, I get lots of finches in my yard so they are happy. I got treat sticks and a jar of treats for my cockatiels, it is a wonderful box. thankyou Debbie, the birds and I love it all, I have about 30 finches that stop by for suet daily they were happy to see the thistle. Thankyou hugs

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Marea is a nut!, but I love her:) Me

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Marea, I meant that:) I will

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I think I run into the strangest things sometimes. It's midnight and my sister called a few minutes ago and asked if I would call her daughter. She said her pet mama goat was trying to have it's kid and was having problems. I called my niece and yes, it was coming head first but its feet and legs were not out. Usual presentation is to see the hoofs first then more of the legs then you will see the head between the legs, then shoulders etc. Only the head was out just past the ears. The kid could not proceed any further. It's legs were curled back underneath it.

So I began to instruct my niece how to pull the kid. Unfortunately, there was not enough room between the babies head and mama's pelvic bones for Nikki to get her hands inside mama to feel for the legs so she could straighten them. The kid can't be born in this presentation. I could hear the mama bleating, surprising how human animals in pain can sound. Or maybe it's we who sound like animals when we're in pain.

I'm sure you are wondering about vets. My niece lives in the mountains of Ky. Everything is too far away for help. In any case there wasn't time. While I was talking to her. The baby stopped breathing. I ended the call so her and her hubby could concentrate on trying to pull the kid out before mama died. She is going to call me when they get the baby out. I don't think mama's chances are real good.

My niece is a lot like you Susan, she never met an animal she didn't like. She also rescues and takes in all kinds of animals. They become her babies too. She has a 4 y/o and a 14 month old along with a wide variety of pets. She is 27 y/o and has loved and cared for pets since she was really young.

Good news...maybe...Nikki just called..They got the baby out...it's alive...so is mama so far. But she thinks there may be a second one in there. When she pulled the kid she thought she felt something else moving inside there. The baby had a little problem breathing but it seems to be improving...It wants to nurse, but mama isn't interested just now...she probably is having a second one. That is very common with this kind of goat. Oh, I haven't told you, these are pygmy goats and that is the reason Nikki's hands were almost too large to help. She said her hands and wrist are pretty badly bruised.

Whew...I am so glad I had you guys to talk to while I waited. Hubby is in the bed asleep and instead of pacing the floors my fingers are pacing over the keyboard. I'll
call Nikki tomorrow and find out about the mama and kid/s and let you know.

We have to pull calves every season (hubby and his dad and brother). But this is the first time, I talked someone through it over the phone. I hope they make it.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Nancy, just so you know i've been praying for you. Hope you are doing okay and feeling good. I've been a little tied up, but you've been on my mind. Please let us know how things went. HUGS

That dog is the pic is Blazer, my DH's Uncle's dog. He is kind of like their mascot and goes to work with Uncle Pete every day. He roams around the jobsite, stealing things, lol. He was up at our place 2 days this week and will be back again today. I caught him stealing safety goggles and then a paint roller. He was also trying to eat our button cap nails which had me really worried. He got into some other mischief, but is a real sweet dog. If we find that more tools are missing out of our garage, we'll know who took 'em. : )

Wow Debbie...what a story. I sure hope all is well this morning. I'll be anxious to hear an update....

JAYE!!! How great to see you back. I know we've all been wondering about you. So many of our members have been MIA and hopefully they'll all start to come out of hibernation like you. ; )
Computer troubles are the worst. I'm glad you are back online and hope you get those emails sorted. What a job!
Well, welcome back and please don't stray for so long next time. We missed you!

Anita, tell your DH to behave! Can't he just sit down and take it easy in front of the TV or read a book??? He should be resting. : )
I'm hoping for an early Spring too. I haven't seen many Goldfinches yet. I'm going to set up some more feeders over at the new house today.
I know you ordered alot last year....so how big is your plant order this season???? Did you order alot of DL's, or do you have more of a mix this year?

Dianne, I was wondering about a swap too. Like your idea of simple but fun. Right now I need things to be as simple as possible, lol.

Marea, I love you too. : )
Bet your hubby misses you. Or did you reunite??

MamaG, how are those recipe's coming?

Susan and Barb, thanks for the link. HUGS

Canna, any progress reports on Doug?? And what have you been up to?

Sharon, that suet was gobbled up so fast by my birds! Excellent recipe.
Funny story....I had the heart shaped ones sitting on a table by DH's couch. I had planned to take them downstairs and out to the feeder on my next trip. DH plays a trick on my and told me he ate them!! He pretended like he thought they were cookies. : )

Carol, what a great box from Debbie. And i'm glad to hear your plants under the cover look good. I think I lost alot of stuff this winter unfortunately. I wasn't able to get everything in the ground that needed to go in. But i'm hoping that some of the potted stuff that was just huddled together will make it. We'll soon see.

It's been a rough end of the week. My common Pleco., Mr. P., got sick. This was like an overnight thing and yesterday he was just a mess. He seemed perfectly normal the day before. He has sunken eye and what appears to be a bacterial infection. I worked on my tank all morning yesterday, prepping it for meds. I have never had an illness in my aquarium and only use meds as a last resort. I have 2 other fish in there and they seem fine. I sure hope I can get Mr. P. to pull through. He's not eating and that is very unusual for him.

We made lots of progress up at the new house this week and DH & part of our crew are back at it today. They will be finishing up the chimney first, then probably trying to finish up the exterior walls if there is time.
The last 4 or so feet of the chimney will be the exposed part (outside) and he will be doing it with our good brick. We may end up facing it with stone in the future (like the inside), but for now we're just going with the brick. He was gonna' do a fancy top, but after some discussion we decided that staying simple was best. I'm anxious to see how it looks.

We also met with our friend who works for 84 Lumber last night and put in our window order. Anderson windows are going up in price March 1st, so we wanted to be sure to have it in before then. I should have the total $$ on Monday and i'm very scared. It is a horrendous amount of money.

Here's a pic of our trusty employee Mike getting the chimney stocked and ready for this morning....

This is a shot from the back.....

Here is my master bedroom....

Another from inside the master bedroom...

And half of this side is my kitchen. I wanted lots of light in there 'cause my kitchen now is a cave.....

I'm due over there at lunchtime....i'm going to take the guys something warm to eat. It's only 8 degree's this morning, but supposed to warm up to 35. It's mostly sunny too, so it looks just beautiful out.

We have a winter storm watch for tonight into tomorrow. They are calling for freezing rain and a buildup of ice.

Hope you all have a great weekend,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Good news everyone. I just heard that the mama and baby goats are fine. Mama has been up eating and drinking water. The baby has a good appetite but so far mama is reluctant to let the baby nurse so Nikki has been milking the mama and feeding the baby with a bottle but she is still trying to get the mama to feed the baby. Oh and there was just the one baby not twins like she thought. I've asked for a picture, so when I get it,I will post that too. We now have 12 baby calves. They are so cute. They run and jump, buck and butt heads with each other. They are so fun to watch. Within a few days of birth, they are giving their mom's fits trying to keep up with them.

Hi Jaye, Good to hear from you. Like Dawn said, we hope you have solved your computer problems and can join in all the things we have going now. We hope you are a good omen that some of our missing in action will be back with us soon.

Nancy, I hope everything went well with your surgery. Let us know as soon as you can.

Dawn, thank you for sharing your life with some of us old folk. We enjoyed having and raising our kids, building or buying our homes, etc. And now we get to share with you. You're such a sweetie.

Jo...just wanted to let you know you are missed. I know you have lots going on, but take a break every now and then to let us know about you.

Sherri...how are the studies going? How long before you get finished? I remember when I went back for my RN degree...it became my whole life and I resented that fact. But I did finally finish and got my degree and have never regretted it. I know you will be as stubborn and persistent as I was, and that IS what it takes to succeed. I started with a class of over 40 and 17 of us graduated. I made it where a lot smarter people didn't. I was just not going to let anything beat me....stubborness, like I said was the key for me. Good Luck sweetie...I do understand how difficult it can be.

Gloria, Barb, Marea...something leaving KY for you Monday.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi everybody & welcome back Jaye!

Prayers for Nancy under anesthesia right now.

I'm SO happy the little pygmy goat story had a happy ending Debbie! When I was a large animal vet tech it was my job to pull those goat kids - having the smallest hands at the vet hospital - so I completely commiserated with you and your neice! Thank you in advance for my treat from KY. Your Panda calf is really adorable. I'm a farmer at heart & really miss the animals - my silly housecats are not quite the same...

Dawn, here's hoping your little fishy does OK and my thanks for keeping us up to date on your wonderful house.

We are STILL moving - i just have to laugh at how insanely difficult it is to get this DONE. Herb got a week off work to finish and Lo and behold! A fierce blizzard came that night that closed the freeways and left me with 15 inches of snow... lol! Today the ice is off the roads and so travel over the mountain passes is again possible - Herb will make the 300 mile trip to arrive before the ice freezes on those mountains again tonight.

Anita called me last night - wow, was it ever fun to talk with her about all kinds of stuff we best not post on the internet!! *wink* Big hug ((Anita))...

And BIG HUGS to you all, marea

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Deb-Loved the pictures of your calves. My Dad always raised cattle and we had baby calves running around. I just loved watching them. My Dad was very old fashioned and would never let my sister or I watch them being born. I wanted to see it so badddd. My brothers could watch but not us girls. So glad the pygmy goats are ok. We had a pair of pygmy goats years ago and she had two babies. She would let the male eat but not the little nanny. It broke my heart because she was so mean to her. DH would have to hold her down just to let the little nanny eat. It stunted her growth terribly. The little male was twice her size. WE finally sold all four of them and the guy said they ate something that killed all four, very sad.

Dianne-No I don't sew but wish I could. My Mom told me recently that she wanted me to have her great-grandmothers sewing machine and I can't even sew. I am going to take it just the same.

Anita-I e-mailed you about the irises.


Praying for you today and hope your surgery went well and that you are not in too much pain. I found some daffodils blooming also, gosh it seems awful early but I'm ready for Spring.

Jaye-So nice to see you back on line. I don't think I could go a week without a computer.

Canna-I have got to get a picture of a girl I play volleyball withs daughter. She could pass for Maleahs twin. It is unreal how much they look alike. I hope they don't think I am crazy but I'm taking my digital camera and asking Rachelle (her Mom) if I can take one so you can see. Same color of hair and everything.

I have Dawson this week-end so he's running me ragged.


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Debbie, Great new about the goats. I was following the story with bated breath. I would love to see the calves. How cool is that ... that you have all those babies.

Shirley, I think that is funny ... old fashioned meant the females didn't get to see animals being born ... we are the ones who give birth ... you would think it would have been the boys who didn't get to see it.

Nancy, let us know how it went.

Jaye, glad to have you back.

Marea, none of my Bridey Greeson seeds germinated. :o(
Wow, you are getting a ton of snow.

Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy them.
They are in order. Click on picture for larger size.

1. My daylily seedlings planted in their pepsi cups I bring home from work.

2. Back on Feb. 21st we had what the news called 'freezing fog'. Here is what that looked like. It was 'jack frost' on the trees instead of your window. It showed up best on my birch tree.

3. Ahi sitting on top of the grill. He jumps up on the grill, looks into the window and meows when we walk by if he wants in.

4. Ahi all save and warm inside:

5. Candy Cat on the same couch, just opposite end.

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Hi All.

Hope you are recovering well, Thinking of you, warm hugs your way:)

I will get back to you on the Iris, I know I wanted a few you did not get:)

Loved our talk, & yes many things better not be posted:)Stay safe;)

You tell him that, he don't listen to me, I id not get a lot of Daylilies for 2007, yes I have a lot of other things coming though, Cannas, Callas, well toy know all the stuff from that Co-op, then I have Caladium's, Hosta, Clematis & I cant remember what all now, but only a few Daylilies. House looks great, hope you are not over doing thing's:(

Love the babies. Hated the ice show here, I was supposed to make Maleah a snowman & we got hit with the ice too, it is snowing again right now, so maybe I will get enough to make her one still before it all melts away, That I wish was ASAP, but I'm sure it's here for a bit longer.

Welcome back:) I still need to send your Daylily, the swap we had that we had to have a plant with the persons name last year, I still have your Daylily:)

OK, you are all grounded! I posted Susan's B-day a few days ago for the 25th & no one wished her one:(

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SUSAN, Hope you had a great one.

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Susan Happy Extended Birthday to You
Did Dan have cake and ice cream for you?
He better have!


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Hi ya'll. My overnight stay turned into 3 nights but I'm finally out and walking around just not very much. I can already feel the difference in my lega and hips but I don't know about the back yet. He did find that I was a ginnea pig when he went in to releace the pressure where the stenosis was he found a calcium deposit growing between two of them and when he got it off they just nearly bounced apart. Anyway he's never seen a calcium deposit growing outside a joint. ;-) I had a reaction to the tape they used to put the shunt in and I broke out in a nice rash but it's nearly gone. Then there was the fact that I needed 2 units of blood. He said there usually isn't any need for blood so he didn't ask me or my family to donate any. I sure hope it was clean! We have no idea where the blood went, apparently my body just wasn't making any so I've got to find an hemotologist. Anyway, I finally got to come home around noon and am just pleased to be here.

Happy Extended Birthday Susan! I hope it's been a nice one. You deserve it! Shirley's cake for you looks delicious. lol

Anita, Dave sounds just like Jerry. Won't hardly go to the doc and sure won't do what he asks. lol Men, what ever made us think we needed 'em?

Thanks to everybody for your prayers and good wishes. I know they helped. This site has really shown what heart felt prayer CAN and DOES DO! I'm glad to have all o you on my list.

Gotta go lay down but I really didn't forget anyone. You're in my thoughts, just didn't feel like typing more.

Love to all,


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Nancy, it sounds like things didn't go as expected, but hope you will see a big improvement in your mobility soon.

For all of you who like seeing my baby calf pictures, here's a few more.

We now have 17 baby calves. This first one was only about 2 hours old when I took this picture.

A group siesta

This mother is a good one...she keeps her baby close to her all the time.

Another just born today...We have 4 with today as their birthdays.

This little one is one of my favorites too. Would someone like to name it for me?

This baby is not doing well. It's mother leaves it for hours at a time and doesn't come back to feed it. I also think there is something wrong with it....Just doesn't act right.

I got too close and this baby began to cry for it's mama.

I hope you don't get tired of the babies. I think they are the cutest little things. I wish you could watch them run and play.

BTW...The baby goat I was telling you about is doing great. The mother won't feed it so Nikki has to bottle feed it and it now thinks she is it's mama. Nikki has named it Miracle because we didn't think there was anyway it could have survived.

Congratulations to all you who are going to be grandmothers. I can't wait until I have GKids. Sure is a
sign of spring isn't it. Life renewing itself.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Oh dear Nancy - So happy to hear you are home and will just believe that you will be better than new soon with no complications! Get well soon my friend.

Susan - so SORRY i missed your birthday - hope you & D. had a wonderful party to celebrate!! Belated Best Wishes and I wish you many more years of health & wealth.

Aww Sharon! I am terribly sad about your Bridey seed loss. *sigh* I still have mine in the fridge & will share w/you if mine sprout. I lost control and bid on some more seeds - got Ed Brown x Destined To See and hoping to win Victorian Lace x Lone Wolf. Saw Cindi there interested in HBHMB seeds... I just LOVE your Frost photo - it IS beautiful isn't it? Even if potentially deadly. Happens here alot & takes out power for hours...

Debbie, I am just delighted with more calves! How about Tiara as a name for that little one? Or if it's a boy how about Regal? I just love those beige and silver ones - are they that French breed? Was fun to finally see ya, too.
Happy making to think about that little goat kid Miracle bleating for its bottle and doing well.

OK - off to lock up the moving van and then get to bed early, Marea

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

About daylily seeds: If you've been thinking about getting a few more, I highly recommend this guy - I had better than 90% germination two years in a row from Sscape:

Here is a link that might be useful: Sscape offerings

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Debbie-Oh I love the little calf with white on his head. He looks like a little Amish calf. I will think of some Amish names.

Anita-Got your e-mail on the irises. Sent you a check for the co-op.

Nancy-I'm allergic to everything too. I can't even use body lotion on my legs they break out like I have the measles and itch like mad. Keep us posted but sounds like this was a good thing you had done.

Sharon-The freezing fog is just beautiful. I have all my daylily seeds you sent me planted. Hope they all come up.

Marea-I like the name Tiara for Debbie's calf.


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Who wants to win this watercolor painting??

(why doesn't it show up??
sigh.......well it's below....)


Here is a link that might be useful: painting

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oh I see....

Who wants to win this watercolor? .


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what do we need to do to win it? I'm in it is beautiful. weather here is weird, snow storms. hope all are well and happy. hugs carol

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Hello World.

There's too much to catch up on; I'll just fling myself back in!!

Happy happy happy happy birthday season, Susan!

Nancy - I'm glad you're recovering. Sounds like a harder time than they expected, but I'm happy you're getting stronger.

Dawn - House looks great! What a view out those bedroom windows! Your baby boy makes me smile everytime I think of you both!

Debbie - Your package came - thanks! Great choices - I'll enjoy them all. I'd better save them for my after-surgery boredom.

Hello, Jaye. We've hardly met, so I'm pleased to get to know you.

Marea - You still moving? Good grief, girl, you must have had lots of stuff. I'd sure hate to have to dislodge us from here. Funny how much you can cram in a house if you're devoted to the effort. Soon you'll be showing us more of your breathtaking blooms. I hope you like your new place.

Cute calves, Debbie! We kept goats for years because Jess was allergic to cow's milk. Goat kids are the sweetest babies. We had Toggenbergs. Name the Amish calf Yoder, Debbie!

Karen your watercolor is lovely! Tell us about the game!!!

Today we finally hung the drape I've been making. Turned out I couldn't use the sewing machine, so I did most of it by hand. Tomorrow I'll take a picture. There's an identical window at the opposite end of the Big Room, so I've got one more to go. Then only 14 Roman shades to do. Think I'll get them all done?

My hand surgery is now scheduled for late April; it was supposed to happen during our deep freeze snow and ice spectacular. We hit 8 below here, but of course that's nothing compared to the temps. my Minnesota grandbaby learned about! We had snow, then ice on top, then snow. A local birder says they've found owls dead from starvation because the ice layer prevented rodent hunting. This is their nesting season. We hear them hooting in the wee hours.

DH's work dried up for just long enough to put us in a real bind. It's starting up again, so as soon as some old payments come in, we can relax. Funny how this always seems to happen around Christmas.

Carol, you've had goofy weather, too. I'm really concerned about those young plants I set out last fall. Are you apt to lose a lot too? Our weather is always unpredictable, but these last few winters have been odd everywhere.

I've got the seeds started in cold strat. that need it. The Moyesi roses are up and doing well, also a nice group of Eur. Mt. Ash. We try to build more wildlife habitat for the future each year. We put in new trees where big ones fall leaving clearings, only our deer are so numerous they are stripping the understory. Birds are crowding to the feeder. Even the woodpeckers are after the seed.

I think I'll start my daylily seeds, too, now. I've never tried daylily seeds before.

My girls and their families are all out in CA enjoying the new crop of babies. All of a sudden there are 3 baby girls and one little boy. They named him Phelan. Isn't that a good one? We have brand new little Aurora, 10 mo. old Shelby and Phelan, and of course Marie. She's walking finally, and she's so small and serious, she's the funniest one of all. She does not like it when anyone laughs at her! So funny.

Great clonking hail is falling. Rain, sleet and oobleck. Our wood fire is so welcome.

Hello everybody!! I've just been under the bed, rolled up tight, dozing til spring came. A good sized skunk was out yesterday, and something under the deck has the dogs half crazy. Wonder what they're finding to eat, in this icy season?

My new power wheelchair is still in the works. Anyway, I'll have time to play with it before they take one hand away. Did I tell you the frame is bright orange?

Love you all, really do.


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Karen--Wow beautiful water color painting, tell us how to win that beauty.

Barb-Your wheelchair frame being bright orange no one will lose you right!..

Gorgeous Spring like day but that darn wind is terrible. Was hoping to get some beds cleaned up today but too windy.

Where is everyone???? Our post almost ended up on page two.

The carpenters are still working on my deck...it's almost done. We had to change the posts and railing on the joining porch to match the deck posts and railing. Mom wants the old posts and railing so at least we want have to burn all that.


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I'm having a tough time deciding if our game for the art work should be a silly one or a hard one on the thinker. I could go either way....Any thoughts?? Maybe nobody likes the prize and it doesn't matter. lol!

I'm cleaning out the south side of my storage room to use the window there to grow plants this spring. Yah never know what your going to find- like a watercolor of plants that predates my interest in gardening.

Dawn, the house is coming together!

Marea thanks for remembering my birthday.

Only 34 days of this darn 24 degree weather before I'm off to California! yeah!!

Silly or hard?? LMK if any interest.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Karen, how about make it easy?

Just send it to me.... :)


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Good morning!

Wow lots of things to get caught up on. I just returned home again this morning. Sister Brenda's DH was in the hospital Friday for double hernia surgery, Brenda goes for another cat scan tomorrow, and Sister Dee Dee is in the hospital in DesMoines for pneumonia. But all-in-all I think things are looking up.

Dawn, wow, your house is really taking shape.

Debbie, your babies are sooooo cute. nothing cuter than a baby calf or pig. How is the one baby doing that was not doing so well? Another name I think that would fit your baby is Isaac.

Barb, glad to see you are getting a new chair. Will this one raise,lower and recline? They sure have improved the chairs over the years, but wow, they are so expensive.

Jaceysgranny,I hope you are feeling better.

Happy Birthday to all that I've missed.

Karen, beautiful watercolor,what do we have to do to win it.

If I've left anyone out I sure have not ment to.

I better get some work done. I'm so glad DH is good about keeping down the fort. My herd has missed me because they all want attention.


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Valentine Angels, I owe you all an apology. I don't know who did not recieve a "thank you". Notes were sent out, well we thought they were. One of the clients put the notes in the mail box at the house and the little flag was put up so the mail man would pick them up. In the meantime without us knowing it, another one of the clients that has an obsession with cards took them out because they found 3 cards in his bedroom when staff was help cleaning because we are having state inspection and all drawers have to be cleaned out. I know the three envelopes were addressed to Dawn, Anita, and Mellen. If you did not receive one please let me know and I will make it right. Believe me staff were in awe of your generosity.


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MeMeMe....I want to win the watercolor. Please make the contest easy. I'm not very smart and the hard ones are impossible for me to win. In all seriousness though, Karen you are very talented and I would love anything you made and I know the other members would too. Thank you for sharing your talent.

More calf news. The little sick calf is still not doing well. It is still in the barn and has developed some strange symptoms. It has been given 4 injections of antibiotics, given electrolytes, given colostrum, given vitamin shot...Nothing has helped so far. It will seem to get better for a day or two but then go down hill again. It wasn't feeding at first so we were tube feeding it. It began to nurse a bottle (if the mouth was pried open first) but it will not nurse it's mother. It began to walk around and around in circles 2 days ago after spending a long time just laying lifeless. Today it has stoppen walking in circles and has just laid back down and seems too weak to get up. It refuses the bottle now. I googled "calves, walking in circles, neurological problems in newborn calves, etc.) I did come up with a couple of possibilities, but neither of them hold much promise for our baby. Marea, Susan, or any of you other members that know about animals, do you have any ideas? In the meantime, thank all of you who have admired the calves.

Marea...The little one with the zigzag on it's head is now named Tiara. But I liked the Amish names too, so I will take a picture of the calves who end up being Yoder and Isaac and Regal. I don't try to name them all just a few that catch my eye. I can't get too attached because most of the calves are sold after weining. Does anyone else want to name a calf?

Annie...I got my Thank You note from Rosemary.

Didn't we have a couple of other people who volunteered to play games by e-mail...Remember contests are not allowed on GW ...I almost got in trouble last year, remember? But they can't object to our e-mail games can they? Anyway, who were the other one or two? I will get in line after whoever comes after Karen and whoever I forgot. I may have to have someone join me in my game as I am not good at the clues etc. but I can provide the second part (I'll e-mail a picture). Do I have a volunteer who will help me?

Cody, where are you? Paul is your father doing better? You guys let us know what's going on so we won't worry.

Gloria and all us bears....it's time to start waking up and coming out of the den. Hibernation time is bout over. My easter flowers are up, the tulips are popping out of the ground and a few daylilies are peeping above ground. I hope they don't get killed. May 10th is when we generally let our breaths out about our plants getting frozen here in KY. How about in your state?


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

We just had the most wonderful thaw after one of the coldest Februarys ever here. It was bitter for weeks!

Worrying about frost heaved plants, or the Kirengeshoma coming out of dormancy too early, DH went out to heel plants back in but the ground is freezing again! We got a little snow cover back last night.

Our skunk seems to be making a regular evening pass right by the house. Her smell was so strong last night! Maybe I can catch a glimpse of her next full moon. Skunk in moonbeams.

The tufted titmice are back at the feeder, probably babies from previous years' hatchings on the back downspout. We had 8 species at the feeder this morning. Excites our finches no end!

My new chair can go easily all over outside, and it has power tilt in space, meaning the whole seat can rock back like a rocking chair, and full recline, so I can move and rest when I'm out somewhere. Excellent! I've always done fine with a manual chair. Never wanted any more equipment than necessary, but this vehicle is going to be fun!

Absolutely not a thing happening here. Maybe next time I'll post all the seeds I've started so far - so many good ones...

Really enjoying all your posts, as`always.


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Let the game begin!!
This is the easy-fun game!! .
Easy, EASY, FUNNY contest for the watercolor art Which is BTW on watercolor paper and larger than a sheet of paperÂ

The purpose of this game is to have a laugh, hopefully a full belly laugh, right Dawn? Lol!

You must submit photos to win. The photos can be off the net, book, your ownÂdonÂt care where you huntÂem up. Make em up- doesnÂt matterÂ.

You get to send one pic per categoryÂso you canÂt go find a better one and then tell us to replace your first entryÂ.You can however send them as individual posts, one at a time, over the course of the next week, and in any order.

HereÂs what we want to see, these 5 catagories:
1) The absolute worst- awful-tacky container planting ever done.
2) The absolute worst front door entry ever seen- must have some greenery.
3) The tackiest/funniest gardener picture ever (yes it can be you- you Garden-goddess!)
4) The worst garden color combo known to man or woman. Something even offensive to the visually impaired.
5) Open class- this oneÂs totally up to you but it needs to be garden oriented and a hoot. Not cutesy- hootsy! YouÂll know when you see it.
Ok, remember only one pic per category. I donÂt want to see pics that make my skin crawl. Thx! You can take your time as there is a deadline but you have a whole week to submit your entries. The deadline is Sunday March 11 at midnight, GW time (whatever that is)

PLEASE submit them to our thread at the RR forum not to me.

I think IÂll decide the winner in each category myself. But if itÂs a tough call I will recruit help from family or coworkers. I wonÂt have to start deciding until after the deadline which means I wonÂt be able to announce the winner until Monday or Tues. the 13th.

Any questions?????


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oh my gosh... i was crawling into my sick bed when i heard the click click computer sound of you got mail... sharon.. great great idea!!!! I so want to win... i love your watercolors...
man am i sick.. just the flu crud... hurt all over..

jaye.... im so jazzed to see yah back on line!!!! yahoo.!!!

so much to say but my head is screaming for me to stop this computer insanity...

annie, no card here, but i dont need one nor want one... save the stamps for more importand things.. like crosstiches...
yes, i know.... i love to win stuff....
debbie, i think i emailed yah right??? do i owe yah anything???? am watching watching watching.... im so miserable im even sick of myself!
love you guys hugs to all.... be back soon... great game idea..great!!!

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Deb with the poor little calf? Mellen/Mary Ellen here. We raise cattle, too, and have for quite a long time. When you initially described your new baby--what the mother did and how the baby was acting--"not right"--it sounds like something that happens every now and then for no rhyme or reason. I am guessing that you have figured out by now that the poor baby is not going to make it. Some calves are born "not right" for some unknown reason. Their mothers want nothing to do with them-again for no reason--the calves just don't seem to have a brain. They don't seem to know how to suckle right, or swallow right, or do "normal" things right. With all of this going against them, they fail to thrive, go downhill, and then after awhile they die. It is very heartbreaking, but it is the way of the animal world. I have done just what you have done, and I have felt just as you are feeling. But at least it doesn't happen very often. At least your other calves are really cute! No, we don't name ours either. Don't want to get too attached.

Well, it's bedtime for me. Looks like a fun game. I'll be looking in now and then to see the pics. Good night. Mary Ellen

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Karen....WHAT FUN!! Now that's my kind of game. I'll play too. : ) Awesome idea...thanks!

Mary Ellen, so great to see you posting. I spotted you over on the co-op a few times, but didn't see what you were ordering. If I wasn't going to be so busy this year I think i'd order at least one of everything, lol.

Gloria! I'm sad that you're sick.......please get well soon. Maybe a cranberry protein bar would help?? ; )

Debbie, thank you so much for sharing those pics of your calves. The names are wonderful! But I sure am sad to hear that the little one is not doing so good. I am keeping the faith and hoping for a miracle.

Barb, HI and great to see you posting! That new chair sounds very cool, esp. the color. I can't wait to hear how it works for you. I'll bet you'll enjoy many, new gardening adventures.
We had the same kinda' mess here....snow, ice, snow. Fortunately it didn't last long and we are now back to dead grass w/ a dusting of snow. Down to 12 tonight. *sigh* I'm waiting patiently for Spring.
And thanks...the view from the bedroom is hopefully going to be something great to wake up to everyday. We will have our bed placed so it's the first thing we see.
I'd love to see the new drapes. And the skunk in the moonlight, lol.
Glad DH is back to work. My DH's work has been very slow for the first time in, well, forever. The housing market finally slowed down here and new construction just isn't happening. We are a bit worried, but hoping that the warm weather will start things back up again. This would be a VERY bad time to run out of work.

Canna, if I failed to mention it, that was a stunning pic of your red-headed princess. She is beyond precious.

Shirley, deck pictures would be great when it's all done. And glad you are able to recycle parts of the old one. I've been looking to find old split rail fence posts. I want to put one in at the new place, but I want an old one. : )

Marea, sounds like you are close to completing your moving adventure. Just in time for Spring. : ) Did you have fun at dinner with your friends?

Anita, I owe you $$$ for your co-op. I'll send it along this week.

Sorry if i've got behind again...just so much going on. There isn't enough time in the day.

Today is 30 weeks! Only 10 more to go. I see the doc at 8:15 this morning. I've been pretty uncomfortable lately. Maternity clothes are all tight and driving me crazy. I really hope I don't gain too much more weight these last 2 months. I'm 30 lbs. + already. But otherwise things are wonderful and baby Talon is just a kickin' away. I will probably have to get pre-registered at the hospital soon.

Poor DH working at the new place this weekend....freezing cold w/ high winds. What a mess. He was going to put the ridge board up, but decided against it due to the weather. Just a little too dangerous. He did some other misc. framing, including putting the top plate on and cut close to 60 2x10's for the rafters. Our trusses are being delivered on Thursday. Everything will be so much better when we get the roof on. : )

DH & employee Mike loaded another huge trailer full of rock on Friday and they are hoping to get another one today. They are beautiful. I sure hope it's enough to do the fireplace. They are coming from a jobsite close to where he is working. I called the contractor and he is allowing us to take them for free.

I got out into the gardens one day last week and did some light-duty clean up. Started cutting down my many grass plants. I normally do it by hand (for the exercise), but figured I better use the hedge trimmers this year. That really makes quick work of a tough project. My Stella's are starting to peek out...and a few Tulips, Crocus, & Daffs too.

The ice finally melted on the pond and I got my first glimpse of my big fishies. They look great! I lost about 5 small ones though. They were babies from last year. It won't be long 'till I have to move those 100+ slippery fella's. I'm going to wait until after the baby is born.

Well, I better go dig through my picture files and see what I have to post. I can't wait to see all the entries! Fun!

Happy Monday,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hello everyone.

Trying to catch up... but after reading that goat delivery tale... not sure I want to... LOL. TOO MUCH DETAIL!!!

My dad is doing better... he's getting weekly treatments. Will soon be re-tested soon.

My back yard is a disaster. This winter was really too harsh for most of my plants because it was wet, cold, and windy. Even things planted in the ground suffered... so my container plants did not have a chance. Oh well...

Karen, that's a beautiful painting. Did you do it yourself? I try to do a bit of painting myself :-).

Take care everyone,

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Paul - very intriguing painting. I like.


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Karen...this sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to see what everyone is posting. I will have to start digging around (pun intended) to see what I can come up with. I really want that painting.

Paul...glad to see you posting and also glad your dad is better. I love your painting also. Missed your sense of humor.

Mary Ellen...I didn't realize you raised cattle. I love living on a farm even if it occassionally has its drawbacks.
The little sick calf died today. We didn't think it would make it but hoped we could save it anyway. Thank you for your kindness, I needed to hear that it does happen for unknown reasons and not because we didn't do something right.

Gloria...Hope you feel better soon. I had the flu already don't want any more of that. Nope you don't owe me anything. I'm happy I could share with you. Are there any more that you want me to do for you?

Marea...Are you finished moving yet? Did you receive your box in the mail yet? It should taste good after a day of packing and unpacking. Miss your cheerful stories.

Dawn...Once the outer walls and roof are on and the individual rooms are studded up, the house becomes so real. You can begin to see your dream coming true. Until then, it's more of a concept than reality. I hope Jason's work will pick up this spring. But not too much...We want him to be there to help you with Talon.


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Barb-Whew we had a skunk years ago who came through the yard in the wee hours of morning every day. The smell was so bad it would wake you from a deep sleep. DH was on a mission to get rid of that skunk which he finally did.

Paul-Glad to hear your Dad is doing better.

Gloria-Sorry to hear you are sick. Get better soon, it's no fun to be sick.

Debbie-We play games in another group here on gardenweb. Maybe GW has changed the rules.

We almost have the deck done. I really like it and we can have everyone in my family (all 30) eating on it. Everyone loves to have an Easter dinner here because of all the good places to hide the kids eggs (in my flowers).

DH and Dawson....Eddie has worked so hard on it I have forgiven him destroying my flowerbed.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Well, I guess I will be the first one to play!

Catagory 1:
-What makes it the worst is that I had all this coleus planted in an 8-inch pot and a sad little Brug struggling for life. This pic was taken at the end of the season. I should have been arrested for 'Brug abuse'.

Catagory 2:
-This was our front door for about a week while Doug wittled away at the old concrete front porch. He put the hideous blue blanket up to protect our glass front door.

Catagory 3:
-Yeesh, I can't believe I am posting this pic! This was 3 years ago and Maleah was near her second birthday. We had been in the garden all day, so we were dirty and sweaty and HOT BABY! We were taking self portraits with the camera! Ick!

Catagory 4:
-I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this hot pink plant, something 'toes'. This was at the beginning of the season. Wish I had a pick of it at the end of the season. It got to be about 3 feet tall and had shocking colors of coleus and variegated plants behind it.

Catagory 5:
-Ha! This pic makes me laugh everytime I see it. I scanned it out of a magazine called Tennessee Conservationist. The guy on the ground is THROWING a machete to the guy in the tree so he can cut down Kudzu. Does this look safe?


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Good Morning,

I'm back home for a while (I don't have to go back to work till Friday night). Dh wants me to go to Menards and Lowes today and all I want to do is stay home. WAAAAAAA, I want a job of being a hermit.

I feel both sad and guilty, I was asked if I could deliver meals on wheels again, and I had to say no. I have too many irons in the fire as it is.

Paul, I'm glad your dad is feeling better, and I love your painting. I wish I could draw; I do a grand job of making stick people though. (grinning here) My son was little and when we would color and draw he would say "no stick people mommy".

I will have to look up and see if I can find any pictures. Lord knows I have tons of them.

Both sisters are doing better, and Brenda's dH is on the road to recovery.

Marea, how is the moving going?

Shirley, I love your deck.

I don't think my e-mail went out to everyone but anyone that is interested in this just let me know. NO CONTEST just let me know, and I will put your name in a hat and draw it out on Sunday, and get it out to you.

I working on a gift for Shelby, and speaking of Shelbys, Barb I guess I forgot we both had a Shelby, :O) :O)

Im going to cross stitch this and then have a quilt made for him.

Hunters Stew

BASE: Start with one able-bodied, red-blooded, American male, whos has a real addiction to the great outdoors no matter what the hours, early or late-being quiet and still improves with seasoning, SPOON in a cash reserve-unknown to everyone-for all expenses, whether real or imaginary. MIX with an assortment of caps (in several styles), coveralls, shirts (any type), vests and jackets,(every kind), and waterproof boots. SPRINKLE in a bit of insulation-depending on the weather. STIR in two cans of camouflage for an unidentifiable color. SPICE with a teaspoonful of Hunter Orange for flavor, and a properly dated license to keep it all together. POUR in rifles( a good assortment which cannot be fired without a scope), shotguns and lots of shells, Dont forget the bows and arrows-all ingredients are necessary. ADD one deer stand ( at least 10 feet from the ground) made of all materials known to man- anything on earth. A large tree in the right place will do, if the cash reserve is omitted, THICKEN with one game warden, several antler scrapes, deer tracks, at least one sighting of a Trophy buck, and a few friends to tell it all to (this is sure to keep the stew hot). ROUND OUT with one wife, mother, or un-named female, who can cook venison, make snap decisions on where to hang a mounted deer head and has been simmering since early fall until sometime in late December. SLOW BOIL for 3 to 4 months and you end up with a yearly brew known as Hunters Stew.

I will stitch some other hunting stuff to go with it. I think this will keep me busy for a while. I sure won't get it done for his birthday in April, but maybe by the time deer season opens.


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Anyone that is feeling under the weather, GET Well SOON. Spring is just around the corner!


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Annie-So glad to hear both sisters and your BIL are all doing better. We do get too much on our plate some time, my DH says I don't know how to say no. Please put my name in for the cross-stitch. You have done so many beautiful pieces but that one there is tops...WOW I love the Hunters Stew you will be making for Shelby. My DH is a hunter and always will be. Please post a picture when you get it done.

Yes Spring has sprung, It was in the 60's yesterday and another beautiful day today promised.


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Shirley, I just love the deck, isn't that called a 'sunrise' form? Are you going to put any climbers on the lower sides of it?

Canna, loved the pictures for the contest! I'm sorry to say I always delete pictures of my garden that don't look nice ... or is it that my garden never looks bad. LOL

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Sharon-I also delete the pictures of things that don't look good. Now I wish I had some to enter in this contest.
Yes it is called the 'sunrise'. DH is now wanting to tear down the other porch and do it the same way.

I feel so sorry for DH, he accidently ran over DD's Doberman. I have never seen him so upset. We all loved Jade so much and she stayed at our house as much as she stayed home. It was dark when he got home and Jade always met each one of us and escorted us home. He looked for her but didn't see her and then she came off the bank right under his tires. This is the first time ever that he has not eaten supper. He said he didn't want anything and went to bed. Time will heal our broken hearts but DD said that was her last pet. I vowed that 4 years ago when my Doberman got ran over, so I guess that's it for both of us. That makes 3 Doberman's we have owned and all 3 got ran over.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone,

I haven't had a spare second to get on the computer but wanted to let you all know i'm thinking of you....

Shirley, i'm so sorry about Jade. That is so very tragic and I feel so bad for your DH. It wasn't his fault. Hope your DD is doing okay. Hugs to all of you.

Wonderful pictures everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I plan to get my entries in before the deadline.

By the way Karen....when is the deadline?? Is it Sunday?

I have been so pressed for time and today is no different. I have so many errands to run this morning. It's also our first Spring-like day and supposed to be in the 50's and mostly sunny. I'd really like to make some time to work outside. Then I have to meet DH over at the new house later this afternoon. We are starting the roof.

I'll try to get back here tomorrow a.m. to catch up.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

    Bookmark   March 9, 2007 at 7:46AM
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I'm sorry to hear about Jade please let your DD and Dh know I am thinking of them. It is so hard to lose a family pet.

Dawn, I bet you are busy with getting things ready.

I've got a plugged up kitchen sink, and I have to run and get something for it, but I will be back later.


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Shirley, how sad. Poor sweet Jade. Dobes are lovely dogs! Tell your husband it's all right; these things happen. It's a risk you take if your dogs run loose.

Your deck looks great! Very inviting.

Annie, I'm glad your sisters and BIL are better. Tell them we wish them all the way well.

Beautiful cross stitch!

Canna - your B&W photo is such a hoot! I mean, not just the tossing of lethal sharp things, but the guys, the woods, the whole photo! It alone deserves to win something!

Dawn - Your house is just beautiful! You DH loves you a lot to be out in that awful cold we had making kitchen, bedroom, baby's nursery, fireplaces, views out all the windows...what a comfy place it is going to be.

Here's all I've gotten done lately. I ended up sewing the whole drape by hand because I couldn't move that lovely heavy cotton thru the sewing machine. It's lined in white, insulated linen-look lining.
New drapes

And when I have to lie down, I listen to NPR and knit.
Mohair lace glove

Size 1 needles, wispy thin mohair/silk...I thought these gloves would be fun to do, but useless in winter. They are incredibly lightweight, but extremely warm...isn't that weird? Lacy holes and all, the mohair fuzz traps air and makes it warm. Now I'll have to make a hat. The color actually is eggplant/aubergine, not the lilac my camera caught.

Sweet dreams to you all,


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Paul, I didn't know you painted!!! Thanks for showing me that flower art!

I want to thank you guys for making this so easy for me.
Looks like Canna is just 36 hours away from the prize. Go Canna!

It is too nice to be in here. So I will check back when the contest is over Sunday night.

I just cleaned up what I could find of the garden at our library under the snow and put down some PREEN there. I saw a few siberian iris leaves greening up.

It must be spring- walmart is puttng the greenhouse up in the parking lot!!

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Thank you all for your well wishes. I'm feeling much better but still not running a race.

Karen, I'm so glad you mentioned the Preen. That is a must for me to get done by me or DH and I sure hope it keeps all the weeds at bay.

It's nice that most of the folks that were under the weather are feeling better now.

Today was so beautiful! I have different types of daffs blooming all over and other kinds just waiting to pop open very soon. A few hyacinths are blooming too and several more budded out. There are a few lilies popping their ears out and the daylilies are beginning to emerge. Of course the irises here never go completely dormant. Oh, and the forsythia is in bloom. I can't believe that spring has nearly sprung. I'm beginning to hope already and I know living in the south that we will have at least a couple more cold spells before it's really here.

Paul, your picture is very nice. I remember those pretty cards you painted before and they were great.

Barb, your curtains are gorgeous! I can't believe you did that all by hand. Whew! what a chore but I know you'll be even more proud having done that.

Karen, your painting is beautiful! Wow, we have so much talent around here.

Shirley, I love you deck. Your DH did a good job. I'm also sorry about Jade. My dad ran over my nephew's dog and it really hurt him too. I wasn't killed but limped and had a bad hip afterwards. They felt so bad they kept him in the house with them after that. A BIG dog! lol

Annie, that cross-stitch is teriffic. I've done so many and then I'll put it all away for quite awhile and get bored and drag it back out, give lots away then buy more. I'll bet you have done that too. I started in the mid-80's.

Have fun all, hugs,

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axelsrose(zone 5)

Good Morning to all!

Sorry, I know several have emailed me, I will get back to you soon. I have been sick. Sneezing, coughing, congestion, temp jumping all over, couldn't sleep and a very inconvenient nose bleed at the Walmart checkout! All I could do was stand there with a rag at my nose looking like a idiot. Apparently I did not look enough like Rudolph, with my red raw nose! Had to reschedule several customers and I am backed up, again. Am working my days off to catch up. I wonder if I will ever get caught up! Sorry for the delays, I'm trying.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! We did nothing special, as I am in a complete state of denial about turning 40! So I have decided that someone make a mistake or just flat lied to me, because it is not possible for me to be 40!

Have a great day!

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi everybody - this is my last post from Ashland - going to finish my coffee and pack up computer to go into the uhaul ... It took two whole days but we got all 3000 plants into the truck on 6 plywood/2x4 shelves that Herb made. The cats are all in wire dog kennels and today we go.

Karen, any chance you could extend your deadline a week? I wanna play too...

Love & prayers for all - including dear departed Jade.


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Waving hello to all...just checking so you all know I'm still alive....smiles.
And I'm telling you all that Anita is a nut...heheh.

Hugs to all,Jean/Dirtpig

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Hi all, Annie did I miss your post telling us if our valentine friends liked their gifts, I am curious, I made a mistake and sent my pal candy with sugar am I in trouble?Canna glad you are helping to save the redheads, we thankyou. she is a doll, does she have the reedhead peronality? dawn it is getting close. hope you have a nice easy delivery hugs to all

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Here is my ugliest/tackiest pictures.

1. The worst/tackiest container planting ever done. I don't think any explanation is needed.

2.The worst front door entry ever seen.

This is the door to an old chicken coop that I use to store my pots and planters in. No greenery though...do dead weeds count?

3. The tackiest/funniest gardener picture ever. I swear it isn't me or anyone I know, but I thought it was funny and it was outside, so maybe he's a gardener.

4. The worst garden color combo. This is of my daylily holding bed. Its full of weeds and the daylilies are planted in alphabetical order so there's lots of color clashes.

5. Open Class- Needs to be garden oriented and a hoot.
I thought this upside down container was weird. It cost $89.95 and all I could say when I saw this picture was....
why? Why would anyone want to stoop to pick their tomatoes, and who in the world would pay that much for this silly thing?

Thanks Karen, this has been fun.


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Good Evening/night

Shirley, DH pulled your name out, and I will get it out for you this week.

Carol, Ronnie loved the package you sent, and I don't know what he like the best the the candy or the paper. I did post that both, myself and staff were just in awe of the generosity of you guys. Those pacages were stuffed and my "kids" got more in the packages than they did at Christmas. I also posted that Thank-you notes were sent out, well they were put on the mailbox, and one of the clients that has an obsession with mail took them back off. Staff found some of them when deep cleaning for STate inspection. I'm assuming you did not get yours and , I will get another out to you tomorrow; I do apologize for this.

Nancy, I'm glad you are feeling better, and yes, like yourself I have cross-stitched forever.

I will post more tomorrow, I'm heading out the door to go to work.


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

hey boys and girls,
just checking in. i officially moved to georgia a few weeks ago. it's really hard to adjust. i'm in sugar hill, about 25 minutes south of gloria. i left everything i knew and loved to come to a state where i know 6 people so that i could maybe make a better life for myself. so far i'm regretting it horribly, but i can't say that to anyone. people are taking bets on when i head back for michigan, waiting for me to fail. it wouldn't be so bad if i could have brought my gardens with me. i had to settle for a few houseplants and a hydrangea from my uncles funeral. i'm going to try and start over down here and i keep reminding myself that my plants aren't gone, they're just 'in storage' at my parents house. i don't believe i'll be doing any hybridizing this year at all. i hesitate to do anything where i'm staying since my roommates want to move into atlanta in august and i'd hate to have to give it up again. i'm thinking about just buying plants that i want, potting them and then shipping them to my parents place in the fall. i'm hoping that when i finally start working (tomorrow at o'charlies) that things will get better. i'm also looking into joining the daylily society and maybe a gardening club so at least i can continue to learn and maybe even go back to school. sorry for all the whining.

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marozeckinj(SJ/PA zone 7)

WOW! Lots of new people. Any chance you dear old friends would have me back? I am back and it's been a LONG time. I have a lot of catching up to do. Read thru about 200 posts last nights. Dawn is having a baby?!?!?!?! See what you miss when you go away forever. Please let me know if I can get back in the group (begging on hands and knees). I owe Jean some stuff from the last actual thing I participated in.I didn't forget and I promise they will be on their way as soon as it is a little warmer!

Let me know guys I miss ya all!


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sniffel sniffle, crawl crawl, spit spit... hi couch cough, oh yes, i am just fine.... sniffle sniffle...

hey hey cody... hi i know right where you are at boy!!!!! dont move to atlanta... your in an awesome part of ga. atlanta wayyyyy to expensive!

YOULL love it!!!! come to dahl;onega,,, its so pretty... drive around.. always new stuff to see and do...
love o charlies... the potato soup... o h the bread rolls.... oh yummmm youll make good tips... your in a good area..... keep in touch!!!!!!

Give it some tome... been to the mall? great gardens all around atlanta... especailly in the spring.... when its not so hot!!!

youll love us here! have fun,. enjoy!!!

melissa.... how goes it girl!!!!!!!
have you talked to dirt pig..... if its cool with her its cool with me....

where yah been girl!!
off for more kleenex.. and whiskey... for the throat you know??? grin!!

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Hi Everyone!

Just checkin' in to let ya' know I still here....
What GREAT pictures.....
Hope everyone is doing well.
Cody, WELCOME to GEORGIA!! In the 70's today....
Will post a bit more later...
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Dawn-Wow starting the roof, it will really take shape now.
I can't wait to see the house all finished.

Barb-Love your drapes, you are so talented.

Jean-Anita a nut...No not our Anita...

Love you Anita...I owe you a telephone call..DH told me the night I got home from volleyball that you had called
but it was so late I was afraid to call. I have been spending every afternoon cleaning up flowerbeds and hauling mulch.

Melissa-Glad you have returned to the group...Welcome again

Susan-40!!!!! You are still young...Sorry to hear you have been sick. Winter is almost over so maybe all this sickness can be put behind us.

Marea-Whew 3,000 plants to re-plant. Looking on the bright side you can really design and re-arrange all the plants this time. Some of my beds need that done to them.

Annie-Yeah I won, can't wait to get that beauty. Kiss your sweet DH for me. He did good picking my name.

Cody-You did it....A life changing experience..I did not like Georgia when I first moved there but I grew to love it. The last place I lived before we moved back to NC was in Duluth, exactly where the Gwinett Mall is. They had everyone move and built the Mall.

Jaye-I might just run into you some time. I still yard sale alot in Atlanta. If you have a yard sale sign up and I pick that week-end to be down there you just never know.
I have so many people to take this year. They see and hear about all my good deals and they beg me to take them. It is fun though.

DH is getting over the death of Jade as we are. It really hurts him when Dawson (almost 3 now) asks where Jade is. We told him but he doesn't understand about death.

Off to work out at Curves.


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Hi All,
Just checking in so you know I'm still alive:)

Welcome home to the lost angels:)

Thank you for the thank you card, I hope we can do it again..

Sorry about Sat, we did not get home till around 4pm, I knew it would be to late by then. weather is warming up, but it looks like we are going back to the cold soon, but not for long, hope to see you soon.

Nut Me?? No way:)

will play more catch up later, need to get things done around here.
Have great day all.

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Hi All,
Just checking in so you know I'm still alive:)Having issues with this &$*&^ computer again.

Welcome home to the lost angels:)

Thank you for the thank you card, I hope we can do it again..

Sorry about Sat, we did not get home till around 4pm, I knew it would be to late by then. weather is warming up, but it looks like we are going back to the cold soon, but not for long, hope to see you soon.

Nut Me?? No way:)

will play more catch up later, need to get things done around here.
Have great day all.

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marozeckinj(SJ/PA zone 7)

Thanks Shirley & Anita. I am waiting to hear from Dirtpig that I can send her what I owe her, and then as long as no one else says no, I can come back! I am glad to see so many familiar names still here!

Susan can't be 40, it's just impossible!

Will check in later to see if dirtpig has checked in.

Will try to update my member page about my "adventure" so anyone who is curious can find out what's been going on.

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Belated so not in competition form susan-

cat. 1

command to add

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Belated so not in competition form susan-


command to add

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Belated so not in competition form susan-

cat. 3

command to add

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Belated so not in competition form susan-

cat. 4

command to add

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Belated so not in competition form susan-

cat. 5

command to add

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As I promised, I am announcing the winner today.
Id like to thank you for participating. Loved the funny pictures. I bet the rest of the group did as well!
Marea, Im sorry you didnt have enough time. I gave everyone a week, which is more time than a ding -ding competition. ;-0 Im sorry if you didnt get your mail, or to the forum in that week.

Susan also was sick and didn't get hers to me on time to post. Loved 'em tho!
Debbie, I WAS able to get the 5th pic to open the today just not the day I asked you for a resend.
Ok This was a tough one.
Canna wins the painting, although it was very close!
I will have to get a poster tube to mail it to you, Canna. Im using the addy on our files so if thats not current LMK.
Welcome Cody and potentially Melissa!
I will go back to being my quiet self now,
Have a great spring!

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Oh boy I won! YAHOO! I will add it to my beginning one of a kind botanical prints I have. Awesome, thanks Karen!

Welcome back Melissa and Coty! Coty, welcome to the south!


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone!

Congratulations Canna! I loved your pics. : )

I really wanted to get my pictures posted but i've been so busy with things I just didn't get the chance.

Marea, I cannot wait to hear about your new place. When I read your final post from Ashland it kinda' made me sad, but all full of hope & excitement for you too. Sure hope all is well and looking forward to your next post.

I can't wait until my final post from Wyano. : )

Susan, hope you're feeling better and that your busy work schedule eases up soon. And prayers continue to head your way for your dear friend and her family. : ) I can't see your pictures. : (

Cody, so glad to hear from you and hope you'll continue to post and keep us updated about your new home. How are you adjusting to the climate change so far???

Melissa!!!! Long time no see! Really wonderful that you came back and I hope you stick around forever this time. Yes, i'm pregnant. Less than 9 weeks to go until my sweet baby arrives. Please tell us what has been keeping you so busy. HUGS!

Jaye, how are the Brugs? Are you still growing them?

Hi Anita! How is DH doing?

Hello Jo! Hope you can stop in to update us soon. I've been sending thoughts & prayers your way. Hope you are feeling better.

Dianne, how is mom-2-b doing?

Shirley, speaking of yard sales, i'm planning to have one in about a month if all goes well. I have so much stuff to clear out and I really want to get it over with before the baby comes. I'm going to hopefully have my sister here to help me. Not sure if I should do 1 day or 2? I haven't had a yard sale since I was little and used to help my Gram with hers. Any tips?

Debbie, wonderfully funny pics. : )

MamaG, are you better yet? What's new down your way?

Angie, any garage work get done yet?

Jean, have you thawed out yet? ; ) I saw that it was pretty warm up that way. How is Bird Bird?

Lisa, how are you doing?

Barb, love the gloves, drapes, & everything you post. : )
Yes, my DH is the best. When all this hard work is done he will deserve a long rest. I can't wait until he can sit on the porch with his favorite cold drink and enjoy our little Talon, surrounded by our woodland beauty. He works too hard.

Did I tell yinz that we are taking "Childbirth & Beyond" classes? Today is our 2nd class...6 all together. We love it! I never thought it would be this interesting. We learned alot last week. DH said it is going to definately help him to relax when the big day arrives. : )

I can't believe how fast this 9 mos. is going. I'm doing good, but very tired and suffering horrendous heartburn. I started some garden clean-up this week but trying not to over-do.

Our roof is coming along. The trusses were delivered and we'll be ready to put them up any day. DH is stick-framing the center part of the house and has the rafters on the front part pretty much done. This was a shot taken late yesterday afternoon when some of the bracing was coming off...

(Notice the yellow sunflower seed birdfeeder?? Thank you Sharon....the birdies are enjoying it. Kinda' looks all lonely out there on that mountain of dirt, lol.)

Our windows are supposed to be arriving on Friday already, but I don't think we'll have them delivered out here just yet. Our pal at 84 Lumber knows the Anderson guy pretty well and they said they'll hold them for us for up to three months. Let's pray it doesn't take that long, LOL.

I babysat my sweet-pea neice yesterday and will have her again on Friday. She is starting to talk already!! Ma ma ma & Da da. My Mom watches her on her day off and she usually does a "photo shoot" every week. Monday she did a St. Paddy's Day theme and had lots of great props. I'll have to show you a pic. : )

I know i've missed some of you and I apologize....it's hard to keep up with so much going on. You're all in my thoughts.

Who wants to start posting some Spring bloomers??? All i've had so far was a single, solitary Crocus bloom. One little, tiny yellow flower. : )

Hope you all have a nice rest of the week!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

PS: If you haven't checked out the co-op's I mentioned before there is a really good Shrub one going on now. Variegated Forsythia, several different Viburnum, Buddleia, etc. Let me know if you don't know where to find it.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

An extra hug going out to Sharon.....I saw your post over at the other place on the co-op forum. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend.
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Well that's a bummer Susan, It took me 20 minutes to get your pics here and even tho they are visible on my mac at home I see they are not visible on windows. :(

Can you just email them thru TD to our little group off the forum?

I did try. Maybe another non-Mac group member could do it for you? The whole time I was loading my pics my 7 yr old was complaining I wasn't playing cards with her.


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I wanted to stop by to tell everyone that my e-mail is not working. I have contacted Bellsouth but got a message that they are aware of the problem with the e-mail and do not know how long it will be before service is restored. This may have something to do with the merger of bellsouth with AT&T.

I will check the forum everyday, so if there is anything you need or want to tell me you will need to post it here. I'll let everyone know when my service is restored.

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Hello everyone!

Dawn your house is really taking shape! Isn't it time for another belly picture? I imaging Talon's little space is getting a bit crowded by now. I'm glad you and your DH are having fun at the classes.

Susan happy belated birthday,

We had to replace a drain line in the kitchen, and now wouldn't you know it, the thingy in the toilet needs to be replace. At least that won't take as long to fix nor will it be as expensive.

Shirley your cross stitch will be going out tomorrow or Friday morning on my way home.

Gloria, hope you are feeling better, and I'm sending you an e-mail.

I have two more nights then off til Monday night, work 10 hours and off again til Friday night.

I owe, I owe, so I better hit the road.

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marozeckinj(SJ/PA zone 7)

OK here's the deal. I just took ONE STINKING HOUR explaining where I have been, only to close the window without saving it! GRRRRRRRRRR. Ok long story short my cancer came back went thru two more rounds of chemo and gained 60 freaking pounds. I look like a blimp. Stress from having a sick mom effected Shelby's diabetes and she was in and out of Childrens Hospital for about two months. DH got fired from his job because he was taking too much time off to take care of his family. So he gets pissed and changes all of their passwords. They are shut down for a day and press charges. Lack of jobs forced us to move out of state to DH's moms to get back on our feet. All seems to be better now except we are waiting for a trial date for DH (it's been 13 months already!) We are back in our house but I have no clue what is going to come up in the yard, tenants didn't have green or even brown thumbs so nothing got watered. But I see lots of little green sprouts and I am very encouraged!!!!!!

So that's the mystery of where I've been. I hope you guys will have me back. I have missed talking to you all! DD and I started some seeds tonight. It was 80 yesterday and they are calling for snow tomorrow!

Congratulations Dawn! I am so happy for you. You sure have a lot going on right now.

Will check in when I can


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Thanks Dawn, she was a good friend from years ago, we stayed in touch through email and letters mostly. She died of colon cancer. She noticed blood in her stool in her late 30's and mentioned it to her Doctor several times and even did the FOB (fecal occult blood) test, but since she was realitively young, he said she must just have had a tear or her period. Of course by the time they found it, she had cancer in many places. She was a special person, loved by many.

OMG, your house is really coming along. I had to chuckle when you said you were trying to clean out the house and the garden ... sounds like that cleaning frenzy lots of people go through just before they have that first baby. Only 9 weeks ... how exciting!

Marea, HURRAY, you are moved. Whew, that was a long one! Let us know the new address and how you are doing in your new place.

Congrat Canna on winning Karen's beautiful picture!

Got to run,

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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Hi everyone- Welcome back Melissa-sure sounds like a rough ride, kep your chin up girl.

Cody at least you are in a warmer climate.

Marea thanks for the pictures.

Nancy glad you are feeling better.

Dawn I always look for your new pictures, it is so neat seeing the house come along.

I still have no garage work, my buddy has about 3 more weeks of physical therapy, it isn't getting around to good yet. I went out into the yard a few days back and shoveled out some weeds, my legs are still sore, I am so out of shape.
My boys are driving me nuts, last night Cole (8) stapled his two thumbs together-do ask me how, boy was he crying!!

Well off to do some work.


    Bookmark   March 16, 2007 at 10:14PM
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Please post, sorry I missed your call, will try calling you back.
Hey all Marea is in her new home, now she just needs o post so I know she is OK

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Hi Everyone!!!

Wow, so much to catch up on!!!

I am sure i will miss someone, I didn't write down any notes. =(

Still saying prayers for Marie.

I am so sorry about Jade. I know your DH is feeling terrible. My dad ran over our cat when I was young, he felt awful for weeks. But, it wasn't his fault, so give him a hug to help him feel better.
Your deck is just gorgeous. I love it.

Wow, the house is really moving along. Glad you are doing well. Can u take maloxx or rolaids? That is what they gave me, but I don't know if they do that any more, since it is nearly 30 yrs ago now. =)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! So glad to see you back!!!

Sounds like you have had it rough. Hang in there girl, looks like things are slowly looking up. Sooooo glad to have you back.

Go visit Gloria,
She will cheer you up and make you like Georgia. =)

Those calves are just so darn cute. No way could I ever be a farmer. I wouldn't be able to sell them, knowing where they were going.
And I am so glad the kid and momma are doing good. It was a great story.
And i want to thank you for trying to keep me in the loop with my e-mail addy. I haven't been getting very many from the group, so I am sure it must be wrong in their address books.

So very sorry to hear you are sick. I do hope you are doing much better now. Come on, we need our mamabear.

You tell Dave I said "no more softees" if he doesn't listen to the doc. =)
Sorry about Sat.too. I really do not know when Jacinta will get another Sat. off. She had to specially request this one. I will check and see what we can do. hugs

Glad you are back with us, and that your surgery went well, even though the tape gave you troubles. Hugs

Where are you? Miss you. Please let us know You are ok.

Gorgeous painting. Sorry I missed out on it.

I had a girl and 2 boys.Our DD was wonderful, but "the boys", What one didn't think of the other did. And "wow" could they manage to get into all kinds of things. Sometimes you just stand there and scratch your head and wonder. =)

Glad things are looking up for your family too.

Big congrats on getting that painting. It sure is beeeeeeeutiful. (grins)

I haven't forgotten you. As soon as my DH is getting a steady paycheck, I will get the trophy out to you. I am so sorry I have not gotten it there sooner.

How is your DH doing?

Where are you? Is everything ok with you?

How is everything with you? Are you taking your valium? or was it Prozac? (big grins)

got the results back from my MRI. Not too bad actually.
I have degenerative disc disease, but it is in the early stages.Several of the discs in the neck are showing signs, but not terribly so. So, for Right now I can go for physical therapy (start that on Monday)and I should be fine. I also have quite severe arthritis in my neck, but with meds and the PT, I should be able to keep it in check.
I will take each day, and cross my bridges as I come to them.
Things are finally getting more normal. So, hopefully i can "see" you all here more often. I have missed you all so much, but it was so crazy, didn't seem like enough hours in the day. I am sure you all know what i mean, it has probably happened to all of us one time or another.

I hope I didn't miss anyone.

big hugs to all,

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marozeckinj(SJ/PA zone 7)

I was just on ebay and saw this...99 cents...I know there are a bunch of you spider lovers in here!!

Says today only...go ladies, and gentleman, go!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2007 at 11:22AM
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How many are interested in an Easter Swap?


    Bookmark   March 17, 2007 at 10:57PM
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Hi Everyone,

I might be interested if it won't cost too much. =)
I can't do any swap where I will have to purchase specific things. If the things needed are in my totes of past store bought goodies, then I am good to go.
I have missed doing the swaps. But, I will be limited on how many I can do for a while, till we are on our feet again. Let me know what will be required, and I will know if I can participate. Thanks. =)

Hugs to all,
Hope everyone has a wonderful day,

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I wanna play Shirley! By the way when do you start putting stuff for iris borers on your plants, and what do you use?

Your cross stitch is still on the road to you, and I hope they don't lose it. How could I forget the post office did lose one package of yours with a plant and money order in it last year. Of course I got my money back for the money order, but the package was never found, that is so crazy. I'm experimenting with UPS. I sent a package to a lady last Thursday, they said it was 2 day ground, but I really think they meant 2-4 days, because on the UPS site it has scheduled delivery date for Monday, but it comes with a insurance included on it, and she won't have to be there to sign for it.(I think) I mailed a card to my sister in Iowa the same time I maild the other packages Thursday which is about 100 miles away and wouldn't you know it she still has not received it.

My next question is has anyone ever filed a claim, and if so how long did it take for you to get results with UPS? With the price of shipping going up, I sure don't want any lost packages, and if it means paying a bit more for going another route so-be-it. Better to be safe than sorry.

Does anyone press flowers? I bought this book, and wouldn't you know it I have not used it. YOU KNOW I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. I was thinking if anyone of you guys press flowers give me a yell, I will put your name in a bowl and let DH pull it out. This is what it looks like

Melissa, I think we have traded in the past because when you mentioned above that you had a daughter named "Shelby" I thought we had. Wow, we have 3 children with the name "Shelby" in our group. I think when getting chemo it can go either way. Son lost 80 lbs when going through it. I do hope you are doing better, and please do what they tell you do do!

Jo, so nice to see you post.

Marea, I bet you are busy unpacking, but take a break and give us an update.

MaryB where are you, I hope you and your family are ok.

I better get busy, I've had wayyyyyyyyyyy too much coffee this morning. I hope I didn't miss anyone if so just send me to the corner, I'm used to getting my hands slapped. You wouldn't believe the trouble I can get myslef into with out even trying.......... that is another story.

I will take names until next Friday on the book.

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marozeckinj(SJ/PA zone 7)

Hello ladies and gentleman

Annie until I came on here we knew no one named Shelby and there are three in this group! It is becoming a more popular name. People here in the east who hear her name say it is a boys name in the South, oh well, I like it and it fits her very well, she is quite unique!

Marea, I am so glad to hear you have moved and I hope you get settled in smoothly.

We have 4 inches of ice on everything but bright sunshine so hopefully some will melt today. I have spring fever sooooo soooo bad.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Good morning,

Just wanted to stop by and update you all on the latest calamity....

Early yesterday a.m. DH & I were cleaning one of our birdies houses when I had this little suspicion of something being not quite right. I ended up calling my doctor and was told to head to the hospital. DH was already freaking out at this point and I was doing my best to keep him calm (shouldn't it be the other way around??).
I was admitted to Labor & Delivery around 9:30am and got all hooked up to the monitors. My doctor was in shortly thereafter and did an exam. By about 10:30 I got the news that I was having contractions....very regular ones at that. The good news was that I wasn't dilated at all. But I was starting to thin out. They hooked me up to the IV and said they were going to keep an eye on things. Some of the contractions were pretty strong and at one point only 3 mins. apart! I was given an injection of Terbutaline along with 20mg. of Procardia. At first it seemed to be slowing things down a bit, but the contractions started intensifying again. I received another bag of IV fluid and 10 more mg. of Procardia. It was looking like I was going to have to stay the night. A few hours later my doc decided that the meds. had helped slow them down enough to allow me to go home for the night. I am due back at the office first thing this morning to see if there has been any change in my cervix. Please keep your fingers crossed that it is still closed!!

I'm on Procardia every 4 hours, including at nighttime. I also got the wonderful news that I will be spending the duration of my pregnancy on bedrest. That's a tough one to swallow, but I will follow doctor's orders. DH is going to have to take over around the house. I am allowed to move from bed to chair to bathroom and back to bed again. That's about it. At least I will still be able to work at my desk a bit. Doc said no babysitting, so i'm pretty sad about that. My neice is just so precious and I hate not being able to take care of her. It's really tough because everyone works and my poor Sis Jenna is going to have to scramble to work something out by Wednesday. I'm also sad that I won't get to see a whole lot of the action over at the new house for a while. But, the baby is the most important thing right now and that is what i'm focused on.

Baby Talon is doing wonderfully and was just perfect yesterday. His hearbeat and movements were monitored all day and he got an A+. : ) That made me feel much better.

So anyhoo, i'll try my best to keep you updated on what's going on. Today is 32 weeks and we really need the baby to stay in there a while longer.

Shirley, I LOVE that bunnies & chicks pic and really wish I could join in the Easter swap. It looks like i'll have to sit out of the swaps until probably June or so. : (

Jo, i'm so glad you are back. Take it easy and don't work too hard outside. Take lots of breaks....just sit & enjoy.

Marea, still waiting for ya'! Hope you are happy in the new house.

Melissa, Spring Fever has got a hold of me too. It's going to be hard to sit & watch the weeds grow for the next couple months.

Annie, I did a double take when I saw the pic of your book. I have the same one! My Mom got it for me for Christmas and it's really a beautiful book and just wonderful to show off your pressed blooms. So sweet of you to give it away.

I need to catch up a bit more, but I have to get ready to go. Sure hope this appointment goes well.

Hugs to all,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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I am so glad everything slowed down and you are home.
Take it from me, I know "exactly" where you are coming from with the bedrest thing. With our last one, I spent 3 months doing absolutely "NOTHING". Like you, bed, bathroom, chair, bed.I only got to leave the house for doc appts. and we lived waaaaaaaaaay out in the sticks then, so I saw just my immediate family. I decided I would work on babyclothes to keep myself sane. =) I crochet, so I made a beautiful christening gown of my own design. It never got used though, I had a boy, so we got him an adorable little boy outfit for the christening. I had no problems with labor and delivery, and I am sure you will do the same. Hang in there girl. Pick something to do, that is large enough and important enought to you to keep you occupied for quite a bit. It will help the time pass quickly.
I will be thinking of you.Gotta run, late for work.
warm hugs,

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marozeckinj(SJ/PA zone 7)

Dawn I am glad you and baby are okay. Just follow doctor orders and keep your legs crossed! We will all keep our fingers crossed and our prayers often. Jo is right, find something to keep your mind off the fact that you have to stay off your feet. You could design your new flower beds, catalog your seeds etc. I will be praying for you and baby and DH. Keep us updated when you can!

Outta town for the next three days for training

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)


Welcome back, Melissa! That's quite a story! Sounds like things are quieting down some for you now - good thing! Life sure has its ups and downs, doesn't it?

Only 4 more weeks, Dawn, and Talon's good to go. Take them 1 at a time, there's only four til your at a very safe point, isn't that right? 36 still the magic number? We had to slow down Eve's arrival too. Doing nothing on doctor's orders is pretty boring, but there are lots of useful things you can do lying down - just ask me, I do lots of days flat out. Wow, that house is going to be something! What a spring for you! I think we're all jealous...

Braved the mud and slop and went out to check on plants. It looked all dead and awful last week. But yesterday we found Snowdrops all in bloom, Daffs up a good 4", loads of Foxglove crowns taking off, and birds, birds! Best of all, all the baby Hostas from last year's seeds that I overwintered in the cellar are coming up! Every one! I was sure they had died. The potted Witch Hazel babies from last year are leafing out too!

We have a brave little line of yellow crocus blooming beside the Foxgloves. Dayllies that grow just under the edge of the shed have taken advantage of the shelter and are up. Or maybe it's just the heat of sleeping groundhogs. The owl babies are out and about. You already know about our skunk! Flocks of blackbirds arrived while we were out, and filled an entire tree, making so much noise Luther had to bark at them. We got sunburned! Ah, life is beautiful.

Luther and Tiger took off yesterday - we had Possum on lead because usually the boys are so sure she is having fun, they have to check closely at all times. DH went off thru the woods after them and found them way at the end of the lane, Luther in his orange and brown plaid wool overcoat and Tiger so overgrown he looks like a Skye Terrier - such a funny pair!
Sunshiny Nap
Like his buggy chartreuse underwear?

Congrats Canna on your new watercolor! That's a lovely thing.

Cody, don't take it so hard. You're supposed to feel uprooted and lonely at first in a new place! You'll make some friends and it'll seem like a new adventure before long. You sure landed in some pretty country!

Lots of good medical news, beautiful new calves, a few new members. I'm not keeping up.

With only dial-up out here in the sticks, these threads full of pictures take me forever to load. I'll post more when we are running a shorter thread.

Seeds up so far: Filipendula, Rodochiton, Moyesii Rose, Agapanthus, Hosta, Allegheny Serviceberry, Early Lilac and Hepatica. Lots will be coming out of cold strat this week.

You guys are all so busy - I'm like the granny figure who watches all the youngsters work and play.

Our Shelby is almost 1, Melissa. She's my neice out in CA.

Marie is talking, too, and walking. She looks so cute in little dresses, I'm making her one for Easter. It's all covered with bunnies gardening - very cute. They're growing carrots, mainly.

Love to everybody


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That sounds so wonderful. =)
Birds are coming back here too. The red wing blackbirds are back. And they are usually the very last to arrive here in the spring, so I am hoping they know something we don't. We have several of our spring birds singing outside the windows in the mornings now. I just love it.
I have daffs just peaking up, and the same with the crocus, and hyacinths. And "MUD", mud everywhere!!!
We had all thew snowmelt, and then we had rain for a day and a half, so it is not a pretty sight right now. =(
But, I plan on starting my daylily seeds this weekend, so am pretty excited about that. I am hopeful that all the ones I got started last year make it through and come back up. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe we can do another trade this year. I believe I owe you a jack or 2. =)

Well, off to work.=)
Have a fantastic day everyone,
hugs to all,

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hello all...

A quick update...

I am still having contractions, but the Procardia seems to have them fairly under control. My doc. appt. yesterday went well and my cervix is still closed. I have to go in tomorrow a.m. for an ultrasound and back again Friday for another exam.
I'm on bedrest but allowed up for 15 min. at a time a few times a day. I'm allowed to do some very light duty things and I can drive myself to the doctor's office or post office, but that's about it.

Thank you for all the great suggestions for while i'm all cozied up in my nest. So far i've pretty much just been sleeping because the meds. make me drowsy.

I'm feeling some stronger contractions now so i'm going to lay back down. I'll be back to catch up a.s.a.p.

But I do have to mention how adorable that sweet Luther looks in his buggy undies!!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Melissa-Sure glad your life is back on track and you are back with us. Hope DH's trial turns out ok. The crazy things we do sometimes. I guess he wishes he had just left and to heck with it all. The company I work for layed off 12 people last month and one girl erased everything on her computer before she left. Needless to say they were not happy about it. Alot of us have spreadsheets set up in Excel that nobody else has.

Sharon-So sorry to hear about your friend...Sweet and gentle hugs from me to you. I can hear the frogs at night now and I just love that sound. Can't wait to hear the first whippoorwill.

Jo-I was hoping we could do some plants for the Easter swap along with some candy, eggs or whatever. But maybe it will be to early for some of you. I have tons of stuff coming up.

Annie-Oh my, I received the cross-stitch piece that I won. It has to be the most beautiful one ever. I can't quit looking at it. It will definetely be a treasured gift forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so very special. Now is the time to use Bayer Advanced Lawn Season (Long Grub Control) on your irises for the borers. I try to keep mine as clean as possible so they don't have the leaves and things to live in during the winter. They will be making their journey to the leaves soon if not all ready.

Dawn-You listen to your Doctor and let little Talon grow and grow. I know ladies that had to spend the whole 9 months in bed.....whew I don't see how they did it.


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Melissa, I'm in the south and my neighbor has a little girl named Shelby and there was an author Shelby Foote who was from my hometown in Mississippi. I'm glad to hear that your life has become more normal and you're both feeling better. I had to laugh when you said your DH wiped out the passwords until I read that they were taking him to court. BTW, did he take off more than 12 weeks? If not and his company is a larger one he should be covered by FMLA for up to 12 weeks and they can't fire him unless they can prove it created a hardship. Here's a link to see if he was qualified. I hope it works for you. http://www.dol.gov/dol/allcfr/ESA/Title_29/Part_825/toc.htm

Barb, your baby looks so well cared for in the cold weather. ;-) I've got lots of things coming up too. I can't wait for spring.

Dawn, I'm praying really hard that you go ahead and carry baby Talon until he's healthy enough to arrive. Yes, please do what the doctor says.

Jo, it's good to see you posting more and sounding more rested from worries.

Shirley, if you can, please post the requirements of the trade. I'd love to participate too but have to know if I'm going to be able to.

Marea, looking forward to hearing more from you when you get settled and up and running. I wish I could be there to help you plant all those beauties. My DH said he'd of had to leave them there! lol I think you should give your DH an extra hug and whatever comes to mind for being such a darling.

Angie, hopefully your friend will heal soon and you can get started on that garage. I know you're looking forward to it. We'll be wishing him well in a hurry.

To everyone I missed, I hope you have a wonderful night and hugs to you all.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Dawn, I just got the news about your bedrest order. Young lady, you listen to that smart doctor and do everything he tells you. We all want to see little Talon arrive safe and sound.

There are lots of things to do from bed to keep you busy. I like Melissa's idea of planning your garden beds. Ask Jason to get you lots of graph paper and pencils and have fun!

Keep in touch and keep rested. We're all pulling for you.

    Bookmark   March 21, 2007 at 6:41AM
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