Trying to determine best cacti/succulents for my area

jenn_heilnerJune 28, 2013

Good morning!
I am a brand new follower of the forum, and hoped to find some help in making my final landscaping selections. I have done a good bit of online research, but am finding that (a) Zone 8B is pretty broad, and (b)that practical experience is best. Will zone 9 plants grow out there? How do direct sunlight and high winds factor in?

My home is on Lake Amistad between Del Rio and Comstock. The area is considered to be on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, and Sotol, Lechuguilla, Ocotillo, and Yucca all grow wild there. I will be renting my house as a vacation rental, but I live two hours away and will not be installing sprinklers. I can arrange for watering once a week if necessary. It is all DIRECT sunlight and pretty heavy winds. I have a wish list of plants...can you all please give me insight based on first-hand experience as to whether these plants will grow? Thank you in advance!

Argentine Saguaro
Golden Saguaro - Neobuxbaumia Polyopha
Aloe Ferox
Senecio Mandraliscae - Chalk Stick
Aloe Barberae - Giant Aloe Tree
Agave Victoriae Reginae - Queen Victoria Agave
Alluaudia Procera - Madagascar Ocotillo
Aeonium Zwartkop - Black Tree Aeonium
Aloe Cameronii - Red Aloe
Kalanchoe Luciae - Pancake Plant
Agave Americana Marginata - Maguey
Aloe Striata or Aloe Humillis
Agave Parryi Truncata - Artichoke Agave
Sedum Nussbaumerianum
Ruffled Echeveria
Spiral Aloe

Thank you so much! Look forward to hearing from you!

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