Cuttings from Mexican Bird of Paradise?

serakiJune 21, 2007

Curious if you can grow BOP from cuttings, or only from the seed pods?

Any info would be appreciated!

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I looked up BOP on line so that I knew what plant it is (I'm a newbie) and I'm really happy now because this is one of those bitty plants I keep mowing over in my back yard. I may just dig them up next time I go to mow so I have something to bring to the next plant swap (now that I know it's something people want to grow!).
BTW after looking it up on the net it says that propagation is from seed but who knows, maybe someone has done it from a cutting.

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Thanks, I've got a few in my front yard. And a friend wants to grow some in hers. There are no seed pods yet, and well, she keeps bugging me about it! lol

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I just planted seeds from a pod today, but I did also plant cuttings from a bouganvillia. I don't know the specs on the Pride of Barbados/Mex bird of paradise, but for the bouganvillia, I cut them, applied honey to the ends and planted them right away.

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Well, I decided to do an experiment anyways. I took some cuttings and dipped them in rooting horomones, then in a planting mixture. We'll see how it goes!

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Hello to all on the forum--
I don't know about growing Bird of Paradise from cuttings, but I planted a total of 5 BOP seeds in April, and of those 2 sprouted and are now about 7 inches tall, growing for the time being in pots. (I'm in the NM highlands, and I've only seen one of them growing in a yard here, but I'm optimistic!)

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I have seen Mexican Red Bird of Paradise do very well here, in Albuquerque, NM, when planted on the South side of a wall. We are in zone 7. It will die down to the ground in Winter, but after it sprouts in Spring, will grow rapidly and bloom well. The "NEW Mexican Bird of Paradise" is much hardier and performs much as any other hardy deciduous shrub.

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I would like to see a photo of Mexican Bird of Paradise in bloom. Can anyone post one, please?


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Hi Lorna:

Just happened to come across your post and thought I'd contribute. I bought this Mexican Red Bird of Paradise plant locally in a 2 gallon pot in 1993. I forgot about it and in 2006 I started watering it when my wife almost pulled it out thinking it was a bunch of weeds. I cut it to the ground around November and in April it starts growing again. This was taken in July. Black butterflies love to propagate this plant all summer.

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