Growing Spanish Moss

a1chemyst(7-Georgia)December 22, 2009

i do know a good bit about this little plant but im curious about its growth rate. We went to St Mary's and took some from a friend. I split it up and threw it in some oak trees and scattered it around on some pines just to see how it looked. My plant trader friends want some and i need some cosmos so yeh. i want to keep what i have because it looks nice but i want to give them some too. i dont need info on keeping it alive i know how to do that i just need to know how long i have to wait. thanks :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It can grow fairly rapidly when the conditions are suitable. This epiphyte needs a climate with high humidity, high temperatures in a long growing season, and very moderate winter temps. It actually grows faster when it can get some sunlight, too. So the growth rate is entirely dependent upon the growing conditions.

What's your general location?

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I have had it growing in Upstate SC for about 3 years.
We have had milder winters than normal.

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i live in zone 7 (specifically georgia) Its been pretty cold this winter but i figure they wont die right? they get a decent amount of sun and when its really dry I spray it with water as a keep me up.... If it does die does it come back? i dont see where it would but yeh :) thanks...

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Where I'm at it only grows near rivers and swamps. I think there is something about the warm humidity that rises from the water throughout the night, once you get away from the rivers it pretty much disappears. I've tried putting some in my trees and it never prospers, yet the trees are covered with it just 20 miles away.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Alchemist, if you don't see Spanish Moss in your native forests and natural environments, then it's not likely that it will prosper where you are. Zone 7 is way out of its range.

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I live in outside Athens,Ga in Ogelthorpe County, and have Spanish Moss growing in my yard on White oak trees. I brought it back from Beaufort County,S.C. I water it about three-four times a week. Seems to love it here!!! According to the USDA, Ogelthorpe Co. has native SM growing somewhere, Does anyone know where in Ogelthorpe?I've heard from several folks that it grows down in Stephens around Wire Bridge Rd. I think I'm going to drive down there and see for myself.

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