Lots of pretty rose pictures (seasons recap).

jon_z6bOctober 28, 2010

Some I've shown in the past, some are new.

Bouquet from today. Anne Harkness front. Sunsprite left. Perhaps Sunbright right. Unknown name rooted florist rose back (fragrant!).

two year old Carefree Delight seedling

unknown name Moore hulthemia hybrid

found rose from this year. both cuttings took easy. perhaps Rosa multiflora 'carnea'

Chrysler Imperial

one of my baby yellows that I have high hopes for

another of my babies- Knockout x Oklahoma

yet another baby pic- Mardi Gras seedling

deformed (bugs?) Sunsprite bloom left, Anne Harkness right

Rosemary Harkness

unknown name old yellow once blooming vigorous climber

might as well throw in a Pink Peace bloom for good measure

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Wow, Jon!--who did your baby yellow get that scrumptious coloration from? Your roses all look sooo lovely and your babies look GREAT! It was a real delight to see these--along with your fragrant bouquet. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

In keeping with your last photo--Peace. :)


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Beautiful! I love ANNE HARKNESS. That Moore Hulthemia is interesting. And I really like your MARDI GRAS seedling. I'd love to see that again next season to see how it progresses.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow!! I love the over the top voluptuousness of Pink Peace. Gahhhhh!!!! Droool!!!!

I love the coloring on your Mardi Gras seedling!! Well done!


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

They look great jon!

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Thanks y'all. Umm, my baby yellow is a complete mystery as far as parentage. I berate myself for it because it appears to be the most vigorous, disease resistant yellow I have ever grown.
Also, I'm attempting to root a few small clippings of Moore's hulthemia. If you get back with me, I may end up with an extra. It's extremely stingy in bloom- definitely not a production piece. I keep looking at that color though (it doesn't fade either) and wanting to see where I can take it....

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Love the 2 Harkness namesakes.

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Very pretty roses. I suppose I'd need a green-house to attempt to hybridize.
Thanks for the pictures,

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"I suppose I'd need a green-house to attempt to hybridize."

I wouldn't talk myself out of it too soon. I think a lot of us amateurs make do without a greenhouse (although there are advantages). One advantage for you would be the insulation that snow provides. I can think of at least one cross I would attempt if I lived in your zone and that would be Prairie Sunrise x Morden Sunrise.

I just plant out in pots to overwinter outside (unless I end up with too many early germinations- then I bring in under lights). I already have nine new seedlings to start the new season out with:

Personally, If I were you, I would look at the Explorer and Parkland series. Carefree Beauty is an excellent mother to start playing around with. I got rid of it because it gave me too many seedlings and it was too tempting to work with (because it's always in bloom). I have at least one keeper from it this year that I plan to carry forward:
Carefree Beauty x Pope John Paul II (very fragrant- shrub rose like Carefree Beauty)

Also. In a few days I should a have the fourth bloom open on my yellow.

Because of its vigor and health I believe Knockout is involved in it somehow. Dad was probably (Knockout x Flirtatious).

The small petal size, flower form (inside petals shorter than the outside), and the cherry edging also seem to confirm this. That does NOT explain the extreme doubleness of it though. It is somewhat like another seedling from this year- Flirtatious x (KO x Flirtatious).

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Hi Jon,
Thank you for the encouragement and the additional photos. Your seedlings are so lovely. It must be really exciting to have all those roses that YOU created. Sadly, my rose season is over for the year. Now I'm just thinking about what to order for next season. I will need to do a lot more reading before I attempt to hybridize but, I have a long winter to find time to fit that in. I hope you don't mind but, I'll probably be back with questions.
Thank you so much,

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barb_r(Z8 western Wa)

Love the ruffeled pink one!

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Wow! I love your posts.
I really like Rosa multiflora 'carnea'. It looks like a carnation.
Keep us posted on your seedlings, please!

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Very interesting stuff. I'm very impressed with your Carefree Beauty X PJPII cross. I've never attempted hybridizing, but after seeing yours, I may give it a shot. I have Carefree Beauty, I assume you use it as a seed parent?

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Campanula UK Z8

i have been bitten by the hulthemia bug for some time and have also decided to have a go at a spot of hybridising - I got Nigel Hawthorne, Euphrates and Allissar, princess of Phoenicia from Harkness and a terrific lilac hulthemia (Eyes for You) from Peter James - very excited! The Moore Hulthemia looks a lot like Tigris.

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Paul, Carefree Beauty will take pollen from just about anything- easy to germinate too.

I'm not SO terribly interested in blotches but I think they have something to offer for a strong non-fading yellow.

(can't resist one last pic)

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow!! Amazing!! It even has pink edging. Looks like a winner!!


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Wow, the last photo of the yellow rose is that your yellow seedling? This is such a beautiful bloom. If you have created this one you must be very happy.

I think it is really awesome that you are hybridizing your own roses. I haven't even learned how to take cuttings (yet);-)!

Good luck with your hybridizing attempts! Please keep us posted! This is really exciting...


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