Yucca and Oleander

wineandlobosJune 20, 2007

I planted a yucca recently,well Ive moved it around a bit to several locations,but anyways its gettting a slight yellow color to the leaves and also my 2 weeping yuccas are doing the same but with a purplish/yellow tint to them.they havent been moved around.My oleander I planted a week ago is weeping and all the flowers dried up,It rained the same day I planted them and ever since they've been like this--What are the causes to this,I water the yuccas once a week maybe.

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Some yellowing of the lower leaves is expected with transplant, especially at this time of year. Yuccas native to the Southeastern US, such as Adam's needle, are more water tolerant. Most western yuccas don't need water more than 3 X /month in the warmest months, and not at all after mid october in Albuquerque, Nov 1 in southern NM. If you move them frequently, though, they won't be very disease resistant. Oleanders need a lot of water when first planted, as long as in well drained soil. Good luck. dl

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My Yucca Baccata's leaves also turned a purpleish shade. I think that it was adapting to the new lighting conditions. It eventually went away though...

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