Yuletide Sun Camellia in a 2 ft wide foundation bed?

vp_78June 2, 2012

Greetings all! This is my first time posting in this forum, and I'd appreciate any and all advice and recommendations!

We just moved into a new house (our first house as a matter of fact) and I'm very much a gardening newbie. We had some sort of hedge/vine thing planted in a 2 ft. wide by 4 ft long bed running along the foundation of the front of our house, which we removed when we moved in, and now it's just a bare piece of dirt just waiting for something to be planted into it!

I visited a local nursery, and received two recommendations -- a yuletide sun camellia or an azalea. I really like the idea of the sun camellia, especially since it will put out bright red blooms over the winter, and have lush green leaves in the summer.

But I've found varying info on the size of the camellia, and am wondering if it would grow too big in the space we have for it? The foundation bed gives way to the sidewalk leading from the driveway to our front door, so I need something that won't block that pathway too much.

The space is shaded in the morning, and then receives dappled sunlight in the afternoon. And we live in Southern California, in zone 9b I believe.

If anyone thinks a sun camellia is the wrong plant, I'd love any other suggestions....


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From what I've read, it can do well in filtered light. If your concerned about size, you can espalier it. you can find directions if you search "espalier camellias." It involves tying branches against a frame work and pruning branches that stick out perpendicular to the wall.

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