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brownliMarch 15, 2009

I bought it on Ebay - it's a former library book and even has a plastic protective cover. Funny thing, it's definitely served its purpose over the years - the spine is cracked, the pages are slightly worn...and there are a few missing pages....looks like I've had it for let's hope I garden that way as well! With shipping, it cost about 5 bucks, so I'm pleased enough.

I've only thumbed through it briefly - but wow - the pictures, diagrams, planting charts - this is great. My whole life, not once, have I ever wondered how brussel sprouts grow - but on page 187 - a picture of the prettiest brussel sprout plant - who knew that's how they grow! I'm beginning to feel almost smart. Thanks for the recommendation.

If you have a moment could you briefly share the highlights of what is on pages 85/86 and pages 205/206, 207/208, 209/210. These were - uh, snatched I guess - when the librarian wasn't looking. I'm planting radishes and think page 85 was a continuance of that process. I don't know that our books would even match in page numbers, but any help would be appreciated.

Anyway - thanks again for recommending this book.


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Linda, I hope you use and enjoy it as much as I have!

page 85: every one I found was heavily infested with maggots. I checked the records and discovered I had neglected the second application of diazanon. (*note-the author relies heavily on insecticides!)

In spite of the diminishing qualities of the warm weather radishes, I do continue with weekly plantings until about the first of June. Given rich, moist soil, the roots that mature in the summer even as late as early July are still not too hot-tasting.


Page 86: Roses......

Page 205: Q & A

Page 206: The Perennial Border

Pages 207-209: Extensive list of perennials shown in the border plan.

Send me an email with your email address and I'll scan the pages for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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