Final call! All aboard the Flower Zephyr!

the_bustopher z6 MOOctober 2, 2010

The weather people are predicting a possible freeze here tonight, and the Flower Zephyr train is about to leave the station on its way to History. Come along and see the passengers who are boarding this train to the past.

Whenever the weather people are predicting a frost when it shouldn't be time yet it always comes as a shock or at least somewhat of a surprise. The first passenger, therefore, is Shockwave showing a good, bright color that always leaves you wanting more.

Of course someone there has to provide some easy listening music, and this one also provides some mood perfume, Melody Parfumee.

Where would we be without a really red, always blooming floribunda like Lili Marlene?

And to keep things interesting, the seductively scented Chantilly Lace.

Of course we would have to have a little Black Cherry to throw into the mix.

The next two are two of the three roses that Park's offered on a one-time only basis. From that standpoint, these two are history. The first is Shag Dancing, a red floribunda that, to me, has been only so-so, but it looked pretty this week.

The second one is Carolina Girl, a nice lavender that you can see is in healthy condition. Why it was not introduced I don't know, but it does quite well for me. Its only downfall that I can see is that its flowers age poorly. They look good when new, but they do get ratty looking rather quickly.

This next one has a history. It is one of the parents of a rose that set the standard for a new class called grandifloras. This rose was a parent of Queen Elizabeth. It is Floradora, a rose that changes color between orange in the fall and salmon pink in the spring and summer.

The last two are roses that look to the past, a couple of Austins. The first is one that doesn't get seen much, but it sure gets big and blooms a lot. I think this is the fourth time it has had a flush. It is Blithe Spirit.

We have to have a red one to shine as the taillamp lantern on this train. I could never get my camera to capture the beauty of Munstead Wood the way it needed to be captured, but this LD Braithwaite sure fills the bill.

Please join me in waving a good-bye to these colorful passengers on the train to History for this year. I hope you liked them.

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Oooh boo hoo! Go out and try to derail the tracks if possible. Hopefully you won't get a freeze and your beauties can keep rolling right along. toot toot!! I loved your story with all the roses along the way. Your flowers are so gorgeous and healthy looking. Thanks for sharing, Judy

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

I loved seeing your roses and your reading your story, too. Thanks! toot toot!! :)


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

toot! toot! Great story and roses! Cheers and thanks for sharing, toot, toot!

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Chantilly Lace will be sorely missed.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I injoyed your story as much as I did the roses.They are beautiful and your story along with them just made then even more special.I do hope you don't get a freeze soon,and then roses can keep chugging along.


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Hi Bustopher,
We got our 1st frost too. However, it wasn't that unexpected. It's still kind of sad though.
I love your Melody Parfumee and I would buy Carolina Girl. I have to ask you about your Munstead Wood. How would you describe the color? Could you show me a picture of it even it it isn't totally acurate? Maybe you could just describe how it is different than your photo? I have William Shakespeare and I'm wondering the difference between it and Munstead Wood.
Thank you,

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Just checking back in to see how the train ride went. I hope if you did get a frost it wasn't to bad.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thank you for showing Blithe Spirit. Very pretty color. And 4 flushes. Excellent.

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Love that 'Shock Wave' and 'Melody Parfumee'. Gotta try those.

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the_bustopher z6 MO

The temperature last night got down to about 40 at my house. Tonight's low is predicted to be around 35 so it may freeze in some places.

The color of Munstead Wood is a dark wine red. That is about as close as I can call it. It is darker than William Shakespeare 2000 and is somewhat like The Prince. Having not seen the original William Shakespeare, I cannot comment. The color of Munstead Wood in David Austin's catalog is close to what it is. It is also quite fragrant. The color is darker in cooler fall weather, something that happens commonly in fall.

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Hi Bustopher,
Thank you so much for the info. I've been obsessed with Munstead Wood for a while. My William Shakespeare is one of my best rebloomers. How does MW compare for rebloom? Also, my WS doesn't fry in the afternoon sun but, the blooms on The Prince fried the day they opened? Does MW need midday shade?
I really appreciate your help,

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the_bustopher z6 MO

I bought two Munstead Woods, one for a pot, initially, and one for in-ground. Both did well, but predictably, the one in the pot got off to a little better start. Both rebloomed just fine all summer. Again, the one in the pot got a little bigger and had more flowers, but that could be predicted. In the heat, the flower color is not as dark, but that is predictable. My only down observation on Munstead Wood is that the flowers do not last a very long time, especially in the heat. I am not sure that they are any worse than anyone else for blooming time, but you would like them to last longer and, for that matter, be larger than what they are. Then, there is that nice smell. It makes up for some of the shortcomings. Perhaps midday to afternoon shade would be of some benefit, but mine didn't get much. I think Munstead Wood will be a good choice. It looks like its growth habit will be on the sprawly side rather than a more vertical one. Time will tell with these Austin roses, but initially it looks good.

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Thank you so much for all your help. I'll have to get one next spring and, as per your advice, I'll keep it in a pot for a while. I appreciate your taking the time to help me.

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