Figs & Birds

Zill(z9 AZ)June 20, 2011


My fig trees (a Kadota & a Brown Turkey) have many fruits starting. I've been watering deeply & hope to have an edible crop this year (juicy, not dry).

The initial crop (breba?) of Kadota basically went to the starlings. I've placed netting over some branches of the Brown Turkey, but the trees are just too tall and broad to cover all branches.

Does anyone have practical suggestions to discourage the birds from eating the ripe fruit outside the nets?

My thanks for any help.


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I had the same problem 2 years ago and tried hanging lots of pieces of flash tape sold at Armstrong Garden Centers. It is red on one site and silver on the other. The reflection of sunlight and crinkling or rustling sound in the wind did scare the birds off better than anything.
I had so many figs that I didn't know what to do besides feeding them to all the neighbors, making fig jam and fig newtons and save the rest.
Good luck, hope that helps.

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