New to SFG - would love feedback on my plan

goldenretriever51March 18, 2012

I'm starting my first raised bed square foot garden this year with a single 4x4 raised bed. Here is my plan for what to grow where - does this look like a reasonable plan or a mess? For the tomatoes I have some tomato cages to support them so they don't need to be near each other. I will probably grow two cherry tomato plants and one regular size tomato plant.

Row 1 - tomato, lettuce, swiss chard, tomato

Row 2 - beets, bush beans, swiss chard, beets

Row 3 - beets, radishes, peas, spinach

Row 4 - tomato, lettuce, bush beans, spinach

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Your tomatoes will be verrrry tall, even the cherry types, so you need to have them along the outer north row so they can't shade anything.
Are your peas bush peas? They do have them I know because I got some this year. If they are vining types, again, they need to go along the outer row with the tomatoes so they don't shade your other crops.
In other words, use your north outer row for all your tall vining crops.
When your other crops need shade, you can cover them with double layers of cheesecloth over wire clothes hangers formed into a curve over them to extend their season, the lettuce, spinach and radishes especially, which will go to seed in the heat eventually.
Good luck and enjoy it. I began in 2009 and so look forward to the new season each year. I learn something new all the time.

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Ah, thank you, that is exactly the sort of advice I was looking for. By happenstance two of the tomato plants are on the north side but one is on the south, so I'll move or abandon that one. I am not sure what type of peas but if they are vining ones I'll move them too. Thank you!

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