Use of Drip/Microsprinklers for Cold Protection?

RickB(Calgary AB z3)December 23, 2004

I've covered everything I can in anticipation of the coming cold event (36 hrs below freezing, low of 20F). I've used 1000 sq ft of frost cloth covering large shrubs and palms, but dont have enough to cover my raised beds. I have drip irrigation and microsprinklers in all my raised beds. Does anyone have an informed opinion on whether its better to leave it on or off overnight from the standpoint of providing warmth. I'm talking about doing this for relatively tall perennials (Hibiscus, Angelwing Jasmine, etc)where the water will only contact the base of the plant. I wouldnt contemplate doing it on low growing annuals like pansies or snapdragons.

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I would leave it on. I've had to spray my orange trees with water during a hard freeze here in Louisiana. They survived. The old leaves fell off to my delight and the new ones looked so good. Gonna have to do that water trick tonight. Teens tonight here.

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