Cold snap

michele_1December 4, 2006

The weather here is unbelievable. Thanksgiving we had 70 degree weather, the next night it went to 27 degrees. The lows are supposed to be below freezing all week long.

I just bought some fairly large Nellie R. Stevens holly. They are still in their containers, ground is still not ready to plant them. Should get them in the ground in the next three or four days.

I've got them sheltered in a nook up against the brick of the house on the back patio, watered down good, with black plastic and sheets drapped over them. Will these plants be damaged by these below freezing temperatures??

I would really appreciate an answer to this, because I am worried about it. Plants like these are not cheap, and I have many more to buy (this spring) to finish planting this hedge.

Would love to know if my hollies will be all right!

Thanks so much,


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They are hardy to temperatures as low as -10F(-23C),in ground. In a pot, it should survive to 0F(-18C) without any problem. I've encountered 27F temperatures while at Disney World and they were only protecting their citrus groves in that area. Nellie R is a hybrid, but it comes from cold hardy stock.

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Thanks for the good news! Michele happy holidays

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

For the future, put the sheets over the plants first....then black plastic if you must. Better to leave the plastic off. Organic coverings are the way to go when protecting your plants from cold damage.

But, as Razorback said, your Nellies are quite cold hardy.

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