odd babies from gladiolus bulbs

energy_rater_laDecember 22, 2012

this is from lavender gladalois I planted
last spring.
seems the babies have pushed the original
bulbs almost out of the ground.
small babies are white, larger ones orange/red
with hard covering.

I've never seen babies like this.
anyone have any comments?


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Hum... that is something. I have tons of glads, mostly the hardy variety (due to hating having to stake the others) and have not ever had that happen before. How deep were the corms planted originally?


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when I planted them..they were abou 6" deep.
babies pushed the bulbs almost completely
out of the ground.
they were planted in spring of 2012.
strange isn't it?

in the same bed..but 4' away...I have
naturalized glads that I dug up from
the side of the road..they've reproduced
but no red/orange offspring. these glads
are a vivid fuscia.
I have my eye on some deep orange ones
@ a friend's house..but for different
flower bed.

thanks Rena'

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Maybe something tunneled under it and pushed it up. Something has done that same thing to more than a few of my plants. In the summer I lost a few plants that had there roots exposed and the sun fried them. Not my glads though but especially my bearded iris.

Oh and your roadside find of magenta glads I would be willing to bet that you found the heirloom strain byzantinus communis 'Cruentus'. If the color is a neon electric color that you can see from afar then for sure it is. Google pics of it and see... A most valuable plant. I have my garden full of them. The color is amazing, not many plants have that color.

I love the fact that you can have blooms from glads from March to Nov. with all the different species. I bought several different seed strains from South Africa. Guess we will see how they like LA.

It's great to have friends that garden to swap plants with.

In fact I keep extra crinums in my vehicle in the summer and stop at strangers homes that garden and gift them one for their gardens. Great way to make new friends.



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Happy New Year to you too!

google searching the name you listed
shows the exact flower. deep fuscia.

the roadside find of the naturalized glads
was great! hard not to notice them...the color
is so vivid....
I probably dug up 200 bulbs!
quite a find, as this site sells them
$12.per bulb

one of the ladies I shared the fuscia glads with,
has the bright orange glads I hope to get later this year.

as for something tunneling under the glads
pictured..I don't think so. just added compost
& mulch in this bed. no signs of tunneling.

I do have a couple of armadillos that dig
grubs in the yard.
but no moles, voles at all.
the armadillos stay on the grass digging for
grubs ...except in the big bed with
bridal wreath, witch hazel bushes & corkscrew
willow tree. verbina is the groundcover in
this bed.

what part of the state are you in?
I'm north of Lafayette.
moved here 18 years ago from N.O.

amazing what a difference it makes to move
from subtropical N.O. to here.
I have to bring the bouganvilla in for
winter here. In N.O. it stayed outside
year round.

I've finally found the right spot for the
staghorn fern inside for the winter.
and I see on my rescued orchid that it is
putting out the shoots that flower..3 so far
& probably 8 of the topical root. (can't remember
the names of these shoots)

both of these plants are new to me. always wanted
both, and a former client gave me the staghorn.
I'm trying to get it rooted onto a piece of wood.
the orchid was dying @ Lowe's. the first year
it bloomed. this is year two.

thanks for your input
and happy gardening.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

I am in Trout zip 71371, 36 miles north of Alex. We moved away from N.O. 20 years ago.
The last time I was in New Orleans I went to the botanical garden there. Next trip in March I want to go again. I forgot my camera last trip. Ugh... I was so aggravated. Next trip you can bet the camera will be the first item in the vehicle.

And I am dying to go to the Audubon Zoo. But my husband hates the zoo and since it's not a small zoo and takes up tons of time I'm planning a trip with my Mom.

Yeah gardening north of N.O. is definitely different.

My plant collecting is all over the map depending on the month (or day...) lol but one of the things that stays consistent is my deep love for variegated plants. I wonder if there are any glads with variegated foliage? Hum... I will look that up in a minute.

I love the tall glads as well, they are beautiful but I hate having to stake every one of them. Usually I cut the blooming stem and bring it in and put them in vases all over the house.

Oh and another trip I am making no matter what this year is the Forest Hill Nursery Festival. Do you go? I leave all monies that is not delegated to plant buying home to avoid the temptation to over spend. Because justifying is so easy when everything is so cheap. :)


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I usually get in quite a bit of trouble at forest hills
festival. I've learned to go in a pickup cause the suv can't hold all the plants.

haven't been to N.O. gardens in years. or the
zoo since I was a kid.

I usually hit the Herb Festival in Sunset,
the Daylilly Festival in Abbeville.

then have to find place to plant everything
I bought.

lots of floweres are for bringing in the house.
waiting now on the 400 daffodils bulbs to leaf
out. caught a 75% off sale on bulbs at Lowes.
daffodils, freesias, alliums & minature hycanths.
I worked in flower beds up to xmas eve.
now its just too wet!

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Oh the Daylily Festival sounds wonderful! I've never been, last year I started collecting daylilies. It seems I can't just be a regular gardener going on a sensible buying spree I have to go all Jackie Chan and go nutso collecting every one I can find/afford buy books on it spend hours researching it... lol I need to practice balance with this gardening obsession. Whew, but that's a pipe dream if there ever was one... And 11 gardens later... with really no room left. But does that stop the buying? Oh nooo.... lol

Oh those clearance racks are impossible to pass by without at least finding one treasure to bring home. Oh do you go to Fads n Frames in the summer? Oh goodness I get in lots of trouble their too. Love their nursery.

What about the Alex. zoo do you go there? Besides the animals the gardens are so very pretty. I buy a yearly pass, I just love the zoo!

I got a 400 watt garage light for mothers day that I use in the summer to work in the beds when it's to hot to be out in the day.

I bought a few bulbs this year but I divided my daffs. this summer and have about that many daffs. to plant... Good for you, you at least got yours done mine are still crying in their box waiting to be planted out.

Maybe we can meet at the Nursery Hill Festival. I can bring you some of my crinums. They are very fragrant and rebloom all summer. I'd be happy to share if you want some. Woohoo, March is right around the corner! I better quit spending all my pennies on e-bay and get to saving!


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