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BJCEugeneORDecember 27, 2004

I live and garden in Eugene, Oregon. My husband and I recently inherited some land located in Calhoun County Alabama not far from the Koosa (sp?) river. I am looking for your favorite publications on native plantings in this area. We do not intend to build on this land, but wish to improve it's native landscape. I would enjoy any input as well.

Thanks! BJC Eugene, OR

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You can call the Calhoun County Extension Systems in Anniston, 256-237-1621. Their website.
Bloomin' Miracles

651 Whites Gap Road

is a good nursery to check for natives.

Welcome to gardenweb. Do drop in on the

Here is a link that might be useful: Alabama Forum

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Good for you! and that's Coosa River. Don't know if you canoe or kayak but that is a good river for it. The 2 best books for AL are Wildflowers of Alabama by Blanche Dean and Alabama Wildflowers by Jan Midgley. There is also an Alabama Wildflower Society whose members are quite knowledgeable and I expect many would be delighted to tour your property and identify plants and make suggestions. Linda

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croakie_SC(SC Zone 8)

"Gardening with Native Plants of the South" is another good resource.

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hi bjc,
this link if for a nursery that lists many beautiful native plants for our area, including a good selection of native azaleas that have been developed.
a book that i use is "wildflowers of alabama and adjoining states" by dean, mason and thomas. this should be the same one mentioned above by linda.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dodd natives

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Well hello neighbor, I live on the Coosa River between Slapout and Wetumpka.

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Calhoun County is, IMHO, home of some of the most scenic land in the state. I think you'll agree once you've had a chance to look around.

"Welcome" to our part of the country, and get ready for some heapin' helpin's of Southern hospitality!


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Native plants of N AL and surrounding regions

Trees of AL

Being nosy.......Are you familiar with the property?

The first thing I'd do is to record the plants that I can identify. Second, I'd take pics of the ones with which I am unfamiliar and get them identified.

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