Sweet Broom

kverzani(z9 NV)June 23, 2003

I have (had) a beautiful sweet broom plant, growing contently in it's place. We have a new yard and have been planting and creating our rose beds. This sweet broom is part of this bed. We recently mulched...mainly for the roses. Got up one morning and my sweet broom was "deader than a donut". Dry and brittle. I read that they don't require an intense amount of water...which we hadn't been doing. The only thing different was the mulch. Does anyone know what could have happened?

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What kind of mulch? Mulches that are made out of cypress or cedar are highly acidic if they are not given ample oppurtunity to leech out awhile before being used. I had a nice sized peach tree that suffered the same fate after a fresh application of mulch that I purchased from a regular source.

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I have planted sweet broom.....and they done well...then they just up and died overnight...I have no idea why....I've planted with and without mulch....I tend to believe that they can't get dry.....I work at the garden dept. at walmart....we had a bunch of them this spring....all of a sudden they just up and died.....????????????

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About one week ago i planted my first sweet broom and curious on how much and how often i should be watering it right now since just planted, yesterday the new blooms and leaves looked wilted so i did water it but just nervous on how much and how often

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I just discovered that my two sweet brooms are infested with black, iridescent caterpillars. I cut off the dead/dying segments and lightly washed the remaining. I won't tell you what I did with some of the critters. Now I need a pesticide to control/eradicate them.

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I water my Spanish broom almost daily during the heat of summer. I water it once a week during winter. I planted it four years ago. So far, so good... It gets some brown areas here and there, but it has grown 5' tall and about 3' wide. This year was the first time ir really put out a lot of flowers. They have a wonderful scent!

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my sweet brooms are 2 yrs old now, when should i prune it?

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I think broom is pruned in spring. I haven't pruned mine yet, but it needs it.

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Does the Sweet Broom reseed itself and spread or become invasive?

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I have 2 sweet brooms that I planted 10 years ago. The big one is almost 8 feet tall and both give an extremely showy bloom in the spring. When I first planted them I watered once a week. Now I water my small one twice in the summer and the big one not at all and I live in the desert southwest. They are extremely hardy once established and will crawl into other areas of your landscape if you let them. Some areas around me have banned them for this reason as being invasive non-native plants.

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